7 May 2012

Edisi: K-Idol Group?!?


It's been 5 days. I've been treating the mind quite positive despite the heartrending news came to my knowledge. Alhamdulillah, no hatred existed in my heart. Just a little bit of disappointment in which I know pretty well will soon disappear. I pray for their well being; also for life to treat us good in the future. I have no intention to retaliate or whatsoever because I know along the way; I too made mistake without realizing. Hence, to forgive is the best way. But it still is too awkward to be like before. I'm trying my best to erase everything that happened recently. Insya Allah, all in good time. 

In another note, something unexpected arose in me. It's been a while since I last go gaga over thing as such. Last time was Backstreet Boys. Oh boy that was eons back! Much to my surprise, the K-idol groups caught my attention big time! Of course it all began NOT through their songs. I started to dig more about Hyun Joong oppa after watching Playfull Kiss; thanks to my beloved junior back in high school whom introduced me to the drama. Later I found out HJ was the leader to one of the infamous idol group in South Korea; SS501.

Of course the 'desire' to know more about him surfaced. I became his ultimate stalker. Searching the net about him everytime I go online. Thing got worst when I started to fall in love with their music. Albeit the language barrier I enjoyed listening; still. But of course being the person who pays more attention to the lyrics of a song, I searched for the lyric & its meaning after falling in love with the song. And I am happily telling u people out there...I have become addicted to their music. 

One of my close friend often threw banters towards me these days. Continuously telling me that I am no longer the chingu *friend* she knew before. Aigoo. Memang patut pun dia terkejut sebab all this while aku sangat tiada perhatian sama lagu. I could listen to one single song the whole day. Repeatedly; without bored. Itu kalau aku suka pun sometimes title of the song aku boleh ndak tau. And now, my playlist is loaded with their musics. Proudly stating; it is more than 10 songs already. That's surely a record for me! 

I have never like the idol group Big Bang until I found out that of one their member; Top is Oppa's best friend. Just because most of its member dyed their hair...I kinda feel annoyed with the image. Serious wei warna2 rambut mereka adalah buruk. Lagi jiwa Top dyed his hair green! Serupa burung kakak tua & aku sangat menyampah. But all the bad thoughts about him has stopped ever since I saw him in Family Outing. With black hair & serious expression; hati aku ditembak bertubi2. And his eyes? Sangat tajam, menusuk kalbu. Terjelupuk! Mata adalah part lelaki yang selalu tarik perhatian aku. Apalagi kalau renungan tajam ala gangster look! Harus jantung stops beating. Ok, over!

And so I searched Big Bang's songs in youtube. Dang! Macam kena smash punya kuat, aku terjatuh chenta with their music as well. 5 very talented lads who composed their own songs; choreographed their own dance steps. Also the leader; G-Dragon is one of the fashion setter in their country. What's more shall I asked from them? Aku pun telah berjaya menonton Running Man where Big Bang was the guest. Selama ni aku purposely skip episod tu sebab sakit mata tengok imej rambut warna warni diorang ah. Padan muka kelambatan! Gwaenchanh-ayo for it is better late than never. Naega maj-ji?

One of  the line in their #1 hit. The song that immediately brought them to fame; Geojismal @ Lies (2007). Super love the lyrics & its beat. Sila dengar

My new darling; Top! Also an actor. I've downloaded one of the drama he acted in; Iris. And will be watching it starting tonight. The bad guy in the drama; a spy & an assassin. Fuh! Berpeluh, sesuai kot watak sama ekspresi muka!

Ok I gotta stop scribbling now. Nanti terover bercerita perihal hati. Ahaks. 

p/sI: I no longer listen to the same song the whole day. I have quite long a list to choose already! Yiihaa!

p/sII: All three of Oppa's bestfriends adalah flower boys! HyunJoong-Top-HeroJaejoong-MickyYooChun. Seriously boleh kah jangan bias pilih kawan Oppa oii! 


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Anonymous said...

Grunge:menyampah sa tingu post ni... wakakKa........... kening dia sala cukur ka tu or naturally gitu... lololololol

BibiErr Karim said...

Ko ckp td blum sempat baca blog sy kan...trus sy senyum2 sndr sbb sy tau ko akan menSampah baca ni post. LOL!!! Dia cukur sbb estyle itu. Sometimes dia pakai earrings sna.

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