1 March 2012

South Korea: Dongdaemun-Namdaemun-Myeongdong

Sorry for I left out about my night outing on our first day in South Korea. Pijah & I tagged along with Lisa to the famous midnight market at Dongdaemun. Situated only a few metres from our hotel...that's why kami sanggup ikut. Meredah malam yang sejuk...menggigil sampai tulang belulang ok.

Fink night wear. I was literally in love with everything this shoplot has to offer.

At one of Dongdaemun Night Street Market. The market opens at 12am daily...selling merchandise at wholesale prices. That means kau kena kena beli 1 item in bulk...berkodi2 in order to get it in cheap price. I bought myself a longjohn legging & memang puas hati with the harga. 
After breakfast in the hotel room, our third day started at this street. Khas untuk para ibu2; Kak Fidah & MakSu.
Situated few blocks from our hotel. I called this The Toy Street. Berjenis toys diorang jual...lucky aku ni belum ada anak. Else, berkoyan lah duit dilabur di sini. 
On the left side of our hotel...ada steps heading down to the underground shopping center. Gila maju...underneath almost all the streets there memang ada shopping center. 
Super comfy & thick blanket. Handmade! Kalau lah ringan, sudah ku hangkut sehelai. 
Top-up my Seoul CityPass. Ignore the language on the screen. Ni memang totally trip tourist bingai. As if we don't have this in Kolumpur. But hello, KK memang ndak da kot. So sila terima poyo ku itu! 
Pink signboard...love!
Namdaemun Street.
Being someone who once loves jewellery...I can't help but to splurge on something here. 
Different kind of super cute accessories. Korean jewellery adalah cantik berkilat compared to ours.  

 Budak comel yang ada troli sendiri...and she only shopped for pink stuffs. 
The street of Namdaemun market. Most ladies call it shopping heaven but too many shops & stuffs made me dizzy. Because I am certainly NOT that kinda girl u could call Shopping Goddess. Well, it depends actually. Fact that I don't normally perform that ritual when I travel might as well answered everything. Tipu lah kalau aku ndak membeli...tapi ndak lah sampai terbelah. Ara?
Myeondong Street later in the evening. Ni pun memang heaven lah untuk yang ada kaki berlabel Kuda Shopping. For those yang gila cosmetics & stuffs related to beauty products; please get ur Won all ready. This is definitely a place for u. From end to end, muntah darah lah kau. I guaranteed u won't regret the time spent here. U will be spoilt with too many choices up to the point u didn't know what u have or haven't bought.

I really love the ambiance here...although I felt slightly suffocated with the crowd. Siok tinguk environment sepanjang jalan tu...kedai2 memang super cool & best. But most of the time kami hanya keluar masuk shoplot...cuci mata sambil minta belas kasihan menumpang heater. Sejuk gaban oii!!

Ok Day 3 aku adalah rasmi updated. Will publish the Day 4 (Final Day) when I have the time. Annyeong!


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8 hollered!:

ochs widdle said...

wahhh.best nyaa...

kirim salam kat bf saya..huhu
bape hari kat sana?
best tak?best tak?

BibiErr Karim said...

Best sgt!!! Ke mana anda menghilang? Hahaha.

Jap, sape bf ko ni. Awat xhabaq awal.

Malicious Mind said...

syok kamu ahh bershopping shopping sana!

BibiErr Karim said...

Siok. Nasib aku bkn kaki shopping tegar. Nnt mo p sna lagi, mo rasa autumn pula knun.

luna paris said...

market ape yang lebih murah? dongdaemum ke myeongdong? kalau nak beli FM ke... katne yang bie suggest?

Bibie Karim said...

Luna: Myeongdong banyak kedai brand luar macam H&M gitu. Dongdaemun more to barang2 hasil designer local. Ada market untuk borong gak. Kalau nak kata murah, lebih kurang je price both tempat ni. FM semua aku suggest beli je kat Namdaemun.

luna paris said...

ohh... tengkiu bie for the info! =D

Bibie Karim said...

Luna: No worries. Selagi boleh share, aku share.

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