23 March 2012

Edisi: Destress Factor

Arasso arasso! I've been hibernating from entering this site for days already. Mian! Didn't expect I will be too busy coordinating my life I totally forgot to stop & share here. There is just too much things to fix right now. 

Despite the so-called hectic life, I make sure I didn't go beyond the line I have set for myself. There is always boundary to workloads. I know I should never let myself tied to them. Although embraced by tiredness, I decided to not entertain it. I may not be seen in the blog daily despite having so many things to share. But I do take it seriously when it comes to destress phase. How busy life is, I will always try to find time to go out & play! 

Ok, fine. That was too long a mukadimah. Sila muntah darah di situ. Semata mau kasitau aku sempat curi masa tinguk wayang bla bla bla...2 paragraph kan aku mengarang. *pat on the HEAD*

I've waited for this to released since last year! Anticipating with great patience. And I am glad to say, my waiting wasn't vain at all. I am so moved by the movie. Channing & Rachel made such a great pair. Thanks for the great acting! And also for efficaciously conveying the message of the story. 

Based on a true event, this film has somehow left something in my heart. True love does exist for those who have faith in it. The Vow confirms what I hold dearly up to this moment. Someone whom is meant for u; will eventually be with u no matter what comes in the way. Leo did the right thing; letting Paige go. Because he believes if their relationship is meant to last forever...they will be together no matter what. I love it when Leo told Paige that he just want her to be happy & that's the reason he is letting her go. Ok spoiler alert. Sorry Grunge! 

Indeed, tiada paksaan dalam kamus chenta sejati. Biar kau sakit jiwa menahan duka, asalkan orang yang kau chenta itu mendapat kebahagiaan yang dia impikan. For me, that is love (sarang)! Hmm, yang jiwang boleh masuk dalam garbage bin. Sekian.

The Lettuce Couple. Oppa HyunJoong* & 'wife' Hwang Bo in We Got Married! 

This game reality show has been my favourite ever since Yam got it transferred to my external HD last Weds. But I only watched the episodes of the Lettuce Couple. Not the entire show. Getting to know Oppa through the screen is so exciting. I got to watch the real him...kan reality show tu. And only now understand why he is called the Walking Statue. Even the Korean said he is more beautiful than the flowers. 

Muka comel + charming smile + big round eyes + funny + witty + great sense of humour + deep voice + list goes on = Bonus terbaek!! 

Annyeonghi gyeseyo!


4 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

Grunge: ARGHH!!!!!
Sa nda mo p tingu la..
Sa nda mo p tingu....

BibiErr Karim said...

Mian! Ini cuma mcm wiki bah. LOL

Anonymous said...

sy suda tingu ni The Vow... atukoii nangis2 kunun sy tingu ni... siok kan crita dia... (daia)

BibiErr Karim said...

Siok! Fact that it's based on true event lagi lah bikin meleleh!

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