5 March 2012

Buang Tabiat: Excited Poyo'oh

Fuh. *poyo mode on* I am too tied up with things at the cafe during the day...and busy tripping planning on my itinerary for the upcoming trip during the evening. The ticker says 3 months to go before my most awaited holiday. Yippie! Bestie; Ernie is busy planning for our schedule, too. Will be staying at her place for a week or more. And she already gave me a hint that she's NOT gonna let a day of me there passed by; without any activity.

There's this museum I googled not long time ago...and have ever since wished to set my foot there. Not really to my surprise, she mentioned the same museum. Being a museum enthusiastic she is...perlu kah aku kajutan? Not! Pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang...I straight away agreed to include the place in the itinerary. I have yet to discuss with another darling friend of mine; Jay. As she is quite busy with her study, meetings & conferences...thorough planning with her is of utmost important.

The only confirmed thing in my list is me going on my own to the romantic city. I've purchased the train ticket via online already. Booked the accommodation. Prior my journey, I'll be staying overnight at a hostel near the train station in the city centre just to avoid from being late. I heard of their punctuality many times  already & no excuse taken once u missed urs. Fortunate enough I have only myself to be worry about, also to nag at. Yet also very much unlucky should something went NOT the way I've planned it, I will have no one to blame but myself.

Back from the romantic city, if plan to crash Jay's place doesn't work then I guess I have to execute the backup plan. That is to fully utilized the remaining days to join few of the walks (refer here). And the day trips as well. Insya Allah. Meneroka bumi Allah secara sendirian berhad ni nikmat juga...boleh layan blues lama sikit. *credit to my madu; YangZaiti for the info about this; xoxo*

Ehem, hello Bie! *memes smirks* U haven't even start scribbling about ur recent trip & yet u already start babbling about the coming trip? U promised to someone that u will continue writing about it. Stick with ur words, never promised something u won't be able to keep.

*yawn* Proudly say that I only have 2 more pending entries to settle...sila kesabaran ye. It's not a crime to put in 2 or 3 entries *not related to the recent trip* in between, right. Boring wei kalau cerita pasal tu trip jak...kemuntahan aku. Sekali sekala kongkeng sikit excited pasal benda lain. And the big sis suggested I should sit down with her in one of these days to discuss about my itinerary. I have finalized everything months ago...but recently rasa macam perlu ada backup plan. Will get my pen & note book ready...semangkit woot!


2 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

Brugges? Brussel? Amsterdam? Woot woot

BibiErr Karim said...

Planning planning...woot woot!

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