13 February 2012

Edisi: Update Palsu?!?!?

Its 4am here. 4 hours more before our flight back to Malaysia. We decided to spend the night at the airport. Mainly to avoid the hustle of having to wake up very early to catch the airport bus. Better be early here than to miss the flight. Right. 

4 days here have been super great. Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened to us while we're here. I am loving the country; even MORE already. There is just too much things to see & do. One definite thing though, I can't stand the super cold weather. Although I have always wish to experience playing with snow...living in a 4 seasons country doesn't suit me at all.

I planned to bring Bunda here. With tour agent of course because I don't think she could cope with the walk&explore thingy we did since we arrived last Thurs.

Gonna take a short nap now. I've been awake since we reached the airport. The rest are already in their dreamlands. Thanks to the free unlimited wifi, I occupied my bored time watching drama online. And I guess its time to rest already. Will get back soon as I reached Kolumpur. Or, KK in few days time. 

Till then, annyeonghaseyo.

Incheon International Airport, South Korea
0423 (local time)

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3 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

wow bestnya bawa aunty..berapa itu ah kalau pakej?

anangmusnee@mama3j said...

waa sudah sampai korea :)

BibiErr Karim said...

@Ernie: Mau bawa Madam harus ikut tour. Ada nnt dia bebel klu bawa style kami tu ari. Berjalan non stop turun naik subway. Macam klu ikut Poto kan, around 3k+ jg. Tunggu Matta Fair la kali dpt murah.

@Anang: Alhamdulillah, tercapai tu impian.

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