16 February 2012

South Korea: Arrival at Incheon International Airport

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. 

I can't thank Allah enough for granting my wish. It really is a dream came true. Never thought I could step upon the South Korea's land. It was only 3 years ago I started to go gaga over their dramaS & movieS. And surprise surprise! I was there last week exploring the capital city; Seoul.

Many thanks to Lisa for coming up with the trip plan...and of course for being such a darling tour guide to us. I super love the trip; all ladies gitu. Although it's been nearly a week after the trip, yet I could still hear the song of excitement & joyful moments in my head. 

Countdown to my All Ladies Trip has officially ended as I was back to home sweet home yesterday. Landed safely in the evening after being away for a week. Or shall I say, after being in fantasy land for a week. Setting the mind back to work life is kinda tricky right now...hence I decided to skip work today. Will resume to my daily activity tomorrow. Aja-aja hwaiting Bie. 

Cafe will be back operating next Mon; inhale exhale. Sila lah sila berambus mood malas. Anyways, lets move to pictures. Hold up ur vomit ok.

Before getting on the plane! Embracing the tourist moods. 
 On board; super cold! I got super cool seat; senang keluar masuk lavatory ok.
6 hours later, landed South Korea land in one piece. Syukur. By the way, despite the happy-peace pose; I was actually freezing. The temperature was -8'C when we landed. Mau sangat winter kan, hambik lah!

 I understand only the Eng signs. Gamsahabnida.
 Happy faces after the long hours flight. No jet-lag, chop! 
 Just like in the drama. Nafas berasap.
 The 2 ladies ndak puas hati...dorang pun mau juga.
 Yours truly too! Please ignore the pose. Mau tunjuk sangat nafas berasap, gila poyo gaya. Fuh!
Incheon International Airport, South Korea. 9 Feb 2012. 0630hour. 
 We took the airport bus to reach Dongdaemun Best Western Hotel. Down from the bus...we have to walked our way to the hotel. Sangat best travel cara gini.
The hotel situated only a spit away from the Dongdaemun subway station (Line 1 & Line 4). Keluar main entrance, turn left or right...terus jak tangga to the subway. Convenient enough!.
Charging up in the hotel room before another long journey. Anyway, we went for the ondol room type. Mau trip local memang perlu.
My first pic at the subway! Heading to Jamsil station where we took the bus to Everland Resort. 

Ok, this is all for now. Will update about my unforgettable moment at the resort later on. I have more than thousand pictures to go through & filter *puke*. And a final holiday album to be uploaded in my fb account. Fuh tu dia vain habis! 

Till then...have a nice day (joh-eun halu doeseyo).


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9 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

peningkan mana mo pilih gambar, mana mo cerita dulu hehe..ok waiting for yer next entry

BibiErr Karim said...

Now I'm officially in ur shoes la kan. Hahaha. Next entry xtau la bila mo ada ni ah.

Malicious Mind said...

mesti seronok all girls trip ni. I've never been to korea, sila la upload byk2 gambar lagi. some sudah di tengok di FB. mcm best. nanti la kalau ada rezeki.

BibiErr Karim said...

Best gila! My first time pegi sma all ladies. U shud go!! Kalau into kdrama lagi la rasa dupdap. Hahaha that's me!!

Pics yg aku upload sni xda dlm fb, sj jak share lain2. Ada few aku cilok dr album bdk2 tu lah.

luna paris said...

haaa... first thing nk buat kalo g tempat sejuk amek gamba berasap! =D baru feeling winter sonata!

luna paris said...

haaa... first thing nk buat kalo g tempat sejuk amek gamba berasap! =D baru feeling winter sonata!

Bibie Karim said...

Luna: Hahaha kan. Bagi nampak yang memang real gi waktu winter. Walhal semua itu poyo!

luna paris said...

hahhaaa... bia orang ckp poyo.... dorg tu jeless je... tapi yang penting diri kite puas! hehehe =D

Bibie Karim said...

Luna: Kan, yang penting kita tau apa kita dah capai. And rasa. Yang lain, pedulikan!

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