8 February 2012

Edisi: Aku Yo'oh!

Alhamdulillah, I am all ready to be away. Only for a week though. Can't leave home too long, nanti rindu. Plus cafe will be back to operating on the 20th so there's no way I could extend my leave even if I want to. Need to balance lah kan, leisure & cari makan. After liburan, mesti kena top up saving for next trip pula. Insya Allah. 

Some of the must-bring stuffs. I have another bag that stores my make-ups & another that contains chargers for all my devices. Camera & handphone. Not to forget the notebook.
Surprise enough? Backpack is like something friends could never relate to me. Specially when it comes to travelling. This time, I challenged myself to be a backpacker I have long wish to become. Yo'oh! Sila harap pulang nanti aku ndak kecewa gaban.
After nearly 3 years, Pinky is finally back! The youngest bro lost its charger when he went to Sarawak last time. And I have kept her in the drawer ever since then. This time I decided to bring her along for my trip, hence usaha sungguh2 to get her a new charger. Alhamdulillah, found one at WP. Although bukan yang ori tapi aku satisfied. At least she is finally able to snap pictures. 
A close friend gave me those things above. Super delayed gift we must say. She got them from Vietnam & the Philippines. Except the cds of course. I super love all of them; specially that pink cologne strawberry spray. Smell so good. Thank God we both love Pink so citarasa adalah lebih kurang sama ok. Gomawo!
Entertainment from Danne! She burned the Tagalog movies for me, super yay to our friendship!
One of the utmost thing I have to bring along, Mr Sam mobile booster. Tanpa nya, pincangnya lah sistem bateri si Sam. Nanti ada nangis ndak dapat sukaria snap picture & straight away mem-mobile upload.  Tu dia! Parah betul diri kau kan Bie.

Stye has lessen, no more swell on the eyelids. Only a bit of sore left. Alhamdulillah, I'm back to normal. Nan gwaenchanha. 

Insya Allah, safe journey to me & the ladies. 


7 hollered!:

benazirjb said...

traveling is love! where are you going? :)

BibiErr Karim said...

Indeed! I'm going to SouthKorea. Excited!

p/s Pics from ur Phil trip, where are they? Hihi.

N.Aima K said...

enjoy ur trip!! bolehka aku sudah excited tunggu LIVE update dari ko d sana..apa pun take care ok?! xoxo

BibiErr Karim said...

Tq bebeh. Bru ah aku excited jg mo berfikiran adakah wifi di sna. Lol.

Klu jmpa Oppa hensem harus siok trip ni kali. Hihi. Xoxo

isabelle said...

jgn lupa ORS & ubat diarrhea.
itu pemusnah holiday paling hamsap.

benazirjb said...

Will post em up on my blog soon! :) enjoy your trip!

BibiErr Karim said...

@Belle: Ubat diarrhea tu la paling awal aku letak dlm beg. Mmg hamsap klu tetiba perut buat hal. And ponstan adalah perlu sbb aku slalu diserang migrain.

@Ben: Tq tq. Bah will get back to ur blog soon after I landed Msia. Best ni tgk gmbr org holiday.

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