25 January 2012

Edisi: Everything Campur Aduk

Lately serasa macam aku check-in dalam Bilik Perenting *Read: Perasan Penting* banyak kali. Mainly because few sahabatS call & text untuk curhat. Last few weeks, aku bebankan few of the bffs dengan masalah hati & jiwa. Now it's 'payback' time. Ears all urs. Best kan ada mereka2 yang sanggup mengharungi jalan busuk penuh onak duri together with u. Not only during masa2 hati bertaman bunga harum semerbak.

We stand next to each other regardless how ugly the situation is. And as far as I remembered, we never turned our back even when the whole world is against us. That's why I super love them. That special place in my heart, has their names on it. Engraved. Insya Allah it will not fade until the end of time. Amin.

On another note; I spent my CNY holiday at home! Entertained the bored Miss Err by watching movies. Vampire Diaries drama series top the list of course. Did went out to the airport for 2 consecutive mornings though. On Mon, I was there right after dawn. Sending the brother who went back to his second hometown. Yesterday, Pacik  Niman went back to Kolumpur. He was here since last Friday to visit his unwell mother. Alhamdulillah, Nenek Jawa is getting better. Too health conscious with her diabetics & the body started sending different signal of disease. Fainted 3x in a week doesn't sound good for someone who has aged. Of course semua akan worry, right.

Counting days to my holiday trip! Exactly 14days to go! Harap umur masih panjang. Kesihatan baik. And lepas immigration counter. Woot!

Someone departed to Labuan early this morning. And I received a text just now asking what I want from that island. As much as I wanted to avoid the visit from Miss Migraine, I can't just ignore my craving for chocolate. The words Ferrero & Toblerone rhyme oh so melodic in my mind ever since I received the text. Sheep! I am very much aware that migraine will be my hardcore visitor each time I consumed anything chocolatey. Yeah, Stubborn is my other name apart from Procrastinator. Sila lah tahu & take note.

Cafe is currently in the 'semester break' mode. Hence, I am able to reach home before dusk for the next 3 weeks. Not working on Saturday too. Bliss life. Tapi adalah bosan gaban kalau balik awal & have nothing entertaining. Sekarang sedang tunggu few movies to complete downloading. Mainly because the brilliant Miss Err forgot to bloody pay her internet bill. It was barred for 2 days although I have settled the payment last Mon, via online. Orang2 TM pun bercutian CNY. Haru ok kalau mau rely sama dataline Celcom* yang super annoying lembab tu. I don't know how many weeks or perhaps months will it takes to download a single file. Syukur the line has been reactivated this morning. Pesta download lah aku minggu ni kan.

Sekarang ni tunggu Contraband (oh my, I could never get enough of Kate & Mark) & The Girl with  the Dragon Tattoo to finish downloading. And I have The Girl Who Played with Fire & The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest in waiting list folder. Wachaa!!! I have to watch the Millennium Trilogy though I haven't read the books yet. In which have become famous & best-selling only after the author's death in 2004. *source from wiki*

I don't plan to purchase any book at the moment because the ones I have at home still remain intact on the shelves. Unread. Untouched. Gotta seed & foster my interest in reading asap. Macam makin hilang semenjak dua menjak ni. Memang buruk, orang makin forward aku pula makin backward. Pfft.

Hmm bah ok aku mau layan sang perut yang dari tadi karaoke dangdut. I only had fried mee hoon for breakfast. Perlu sumbat something to avoid the tummy from becoming rebellious towards me. Pingsan ok kalau tiba2 gastrik. Adalah ndak cute kalau sakit time misi bercutian is just around the corner.



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2 hollered!:

kizzy t.fauzi said...

and that's mean within 14 days i shud gv u the shawl-neck kan? haha almost 4get!

BibiErr Karim said...

Iya. Tapi klu anda blum jmpa, xpa. Hahaha pasrah la kan aku membeli d sna nnt.

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