14 January 2012


The particular email (refer below) that has successfully demolished my super calm Thursday! It came to my inbox late in the evening, when I was busy balancing the collection of the day. Felt like being smashed right on the face. Words just couldn't explain how angry & upset I was upon reading it. I called the big sister right away. 

Muntah rasa kecewa adalah perlu nanti darah naik kepala, aku bisa migraine kronik!


Dear Guest,

Please be informed that effective from 1st April 2012, AirAsia X will be suspending our flights to/from London.
We will be sending individual notifications to all guests affected by this move, in stages, based on your respective flight dates, via email and SMS.
The email notices will also outline the various service recovery options offered which are:
i.              cancel your reservation and opt for Full Refund/Credit Shell; or
ii.             re-route to any other AirAsia X destination, without any additional cost; or
iii.            transfer to an alternative airline subject to availability, without any additional cost.

In order to avoid undue congestion and delays in replying to your queries, we request that you contact us in relation to any queries you may have, only after you have received your individual notice.
For further explanation on the reasons for our flight suspensions, please refer to our Press Release at http://www.airasia.com/my/en/corporate/pressrelease.page

AirAsia X

This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are confidential and may be privileged. It is intended solely for the above addressee.
If you have received it in error please delete it and notify the sender. The unauthorised use, disclosure, copying, alteration or
dissemination of any information in this e-mail is strictly forbidden. AirAsia accepts no liability whatsoever that may arise from or
in connection with this e-mail and/or its contents.

Gone were the excitement upon having my flight confirmed. That was 3 months back!

And someone was trying so hard to cheer me up..."By, LGW stands for Langkawi right?" Nice one hun!
I managed to coax myself eventually; thing happened for a reason. Always is! Allah is testing u right now, Bie. I shall be more patient, it might be stormy right now but I believe it wouldn't be raining forever. Right? I decided to opt for the 3rd one once I received the official notice from AAX. If too much RM needed to cover up the new fare, only then will I opt for refund. I really hope the 'no additional cost' means NO.

In the midst to directly consider for refund actually. Because a close friend of mine suggested, I can save the money for umrah then. We have plan to set foot upon that holy land, 2 years from now. Insya Allah, all in good times. To Grunge; it isn't honeymoon araso?

For now, I shall focus on the trip next month. 3 more weeks to go. Plan to spend my 10 hours transit in Kolumpur with beloved cousin. Might as well singgah Angah's place in the evening, pok silap dapat duit belanja extra. Ho yeah! Aku memang ndak malu! Sila tahu.

With so many awesome things surrounding me right now, how could I whine so much? Be grateful for each moment borrowed Bie!

p/s Slumber 'party' at Laura's place tonight! I sense one helluva rocking evening already! Movie marathon with my beloved people!


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3 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

By, Tony kim slm. Org2 Kedah too.

Malicious Mind said...

itulah aku pun dapat tau Airasia cancel route to london. tapi ko dah cuba check Royal Brunei ka. good fair price tu. Baru ja aku mem-blog pasal April flight full, bila terbaca kau punya blog , kecewa lagi pasal airasia, macam hancur juga harapan ku ni taw.

BibiErr Karim said...

Mine suppose to be in June. Sakit jiwa. still waiting for the official email from AAX then only can I proceed with whatever option I chose. Checked on MAS already, quite a deal tapi tulah cannot do anythg b4 the email sampai. RBA a bit mahal now. Booo hoooo big time kan. Si Emmy Z punya flight to Paris pun suspended juga.

Kalau awal dapat the email, I can plan awal. Ni, I have cancelled my booking on hotel d Paris. Takut kena charge sekali xpun pigi. huhuhu. Maybe I will opt for refund...memang xda rezeki to go there solo bah ni.

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