31 December 2011

Reminiscing 2011

Too much loveS spread in this year! And yeah, same goes with dramaS. Because as per my sisters; me without dramas is like life live without soul. Erk, confuse enough? Ignore!

2011 has been tremendously awesome to me. It does treat me well & fair! And I gladly confessed that I did let myself caught in a love game TWICE this year. Freaky enough?! Ngek. One was way perfect to start 2011 & the other one is too wonderful to end the year. Oh definitely NOT a bummer! Another lessons gained. Upgraded myself to another level. That I am sure. I am glad I have become wiser than before. To decisions I made & also choices selected.

Above all, I thanked The Almighty for the life borrowed. For the opportunity given. And for the provisions & blessings bestowed upon me. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

A year is passing soon. A brand new year is approaching. Mixed feelings I have at this very moment. 2012; ur arrival is very much anticipated. So looking forward to start the year.

Ok, here are few of the thousands of pictures taken along the year. My summary of 2011! The sweet memories obviously outweigh the bitters. I am ever grateful for the beautiful souls around me. My support system, my backbone, my sidekicks, my strength, my everything.

Laura's birthday. My bestfriend, my sister, my partner in crime. 
Tia Kyla full moon. The second niece of the PPGs' clan. 
The January Babies birthday celebration.

Mother-daughter moment at Bali. Celebrated the V-Day with Bunda dearest there.
Was in Kolumpur & grabbed the chance to meet FilizMan's bundle of joy. Baby Airissa who was born on the 18 Feb.

Manja's wedding!
Meeting the cheeky super adorable Aariz for the first time since he was born!!
March Babies birthday celebration.

Jess' baby shower.

Kizzy's birthday & house warming kenduri.

Off to Penang with the cousins.
 Friends from high school; our mini reunion. 

Moi's bornday with part of the PPGs & Posers.

Breaking of fast with family. It's family bonding session because the clan from Kolumpur went back for raya! I is like to the very core!!

Raya at Along's. Complete cousins from Bunda's side. 
The arrival of the FIRST grandchild in the family. Elnathan Othiniel. Ummi holding little Nathan few hours after he was born.
Sister's big day! Made our journey to the highland.

Meeting baby Danish for the first time. Sangat bikin geram!! Grrr!!

Another sister got married. It's Zai's turn. Triple Eleven!

My other sidekicks' big day. 
Ewan Tiandun Graham was born 2 weeks earlier than the expected due date. 
To end my 2011...bestie Dayang walked down the aisle on the 24th. But unfortunately, I can't attend the wedding. *sob*

I wish for a bless & bliss 2012. Insya Allah, with His guidance I won't walk too far from the right path. *wink*

Happy New Year everyone!!

Much Love;

14 hollered!:

N.Aima K said...

tumbuk ni si bibier..mukaku tiadaa!!

BibiErr Karim said...

Hahaha mahal tu muka si Danish dr mumi nya. LOL!

Ernie Khairina said...

happy new year! meaningful entry

ochs widdle said...

happy new year bie.


BibiErr Karim said...

@Ernie: Merci bestie! Happy 2012 to u too!! xoxo

@Cha: Same to u!! Kepingin bertemu ama lor.

Leona said...

so many wonderful memories to cherish in 2011 :) lets hope 2012 will be better for all of us :D

BibiErr Karim said...

So many indeed. 2012 definitely gonna be better. Amin. xx

kizzy tf said...

itu gambar juga ba ko kasi masukk! ko nda nmpk ka itu perut aku sana mcm buncit "sikit"?? lol apapapun happy happy new year ya babe! buang yang keruh, ambik yg jernih - tapi bukan yg jernih 'ehem-ehem' punya. kah10000 xoxo

BibiErr Karim said...

Sbb aku tunggu2 dr camera ko kan gmbr kami di bilik sma peranten...tapi xsmpi2 d inbox jd aku upload jak la apa yg ada. Boleh?

Hihi Happy 2012 to u both jg!! Insya Allah akan dibuang yang keruh, jernih yg xda ehem akan diambil. LOL xx

Malicious Mind said...

happy new year Err! wah rajin ko kumpul kumpul gambar event sepanjang 2011. amazing! banyak memories gitu

BibiErr Karim said...

Happy 2012 Dana!!! xxxx

Thanks to fb timeline la kan aku berjaya buat ni entry. Hihihi. Anyways congrats ya on ur bro's wedding. Dapat SIL sulung gitu.

Malicious Mind said...

thanks err. ya. dapat juga aku adik perempuan. ngehehehe. :))

Lola said...

Hahaha kuyak oh muka sa time BS jess LOL

BibiErr Karim said...

Dana: Welcome. Best eh dpt sis.

Laks: Manada kuyak, ko sakit ok time tu. And u managed to come walau unwell ok.

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