20 December 2011

Of being drugged

3 sweet weeks of sleep deprived & a week of chocolate consumption! 

Finally I am paying the toll. Migraine attack since early this morning. Feels like the head was being daggered. Swallowed a 'drug' right after breakfast really helping in controlling the pain. It subsided later in the afternoon. Phew, shaking hand with the stubborn side of me at the moment. Congrats u!

Went out after the collection handover just now. Drove Zai to the workshop to pick up her car she sent last weekend. Melayang few hundreds but nevermind the moolah...janji kereta sudah cantik berkilat seperti baru. 

The ladies crushed the cafe in the evening after work. And boy did they surprised me. All three wearing the same hue. Maroon-ish. Aku kira itu adalah masuk istilah Fink Tuesday kan. I miss hanging out with them. We've been pretty hooked up with workloads lately hence the lack of get-together. Plus some of us sudah tukar status...jadi masa ngedate like before harus dikurang-in. No longer bujang-life; they have to be back home on time. Melayan perut suami adalah tanggungjawab ok! He is the main responsibility now, after Allah & the Prophet of course.

With Puan Zai @ Tun Teja 
The future bride; Inur & Puan Kizzy @ The Ultraman!

On another note, I crushed the big sis's place last Sun. My most effective destress moment ever! Meeting the 15days old little Ewan transformed my mood to another phase right away. Gift from heaven! How could one not love such beautiful creature. I just can't get enough holding him in my hands! Like; mau pinjam bawa balik rumah.

Gonna visit her once more. Gifts for Kakak Maya Bergaya & her little bro need to be sent before Christmas. *sigh* Looking at the pic above, make me miss him more. Tunggu Aunty Pis datang kio darling!


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2 hollered!:

namronphotography said...

ko tidak mentioned aku dtg kacau ko... hehehe...

BibiErr Karim said...

Haha sila jangan kecil hati. Kalau lawatan seorang pria perlu subtle, aku malas klu dihentam dgn soalan.

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