18 December 2011

Neglecting is Better

I've purposely neglected this site for some maintenance thingy in the internal system. Mind has been badly messed up lately. I need more time to look for ways to untangle the twisted thoughts. Also to complete fixing the broken pieces. Amendment task is currently in the process. 

Apart from the whole crap of sheep-ness, life sails pretty awesome nonetheless. Breakdowns acquire no power to control my system. Haven't stop running yet because there are just too many beautiful things to cherish. I presumed they deserve my attentions more!

Fifty days before the trip & I couldn't be more excited. Exhilaration to the utmost.

And in order to put the excitement to the appropriate level, I diverted the feeling. Be joyful on behalf of dear ErnieKhairina who just got back from Andalucia (Spain). I couldn't afford a travel to that place for now but that couldn't stop me from drawing this dream that I'll be there one sweet day. Insya Allah. Words definitely don't make any justice to it's magnificent. Just like what the pictures did; as per Ernie.

The blueish hue combination of both my most favourites; the ocean & the mountain...reminded her of me. And boy did that make me flattered. Feel so touched & honoured. I just can't get enough with view like this I could die staring at it! Drama perlu.
I secretly wished that one day I would wake up to this view...together with the other half while sipping our hot coffee over breakfast; awing its tranquility. Enjoying the beauty of God's creation. Subhanallah! 

And chop, lets imagine the view when the sun sets. Ooohoi bisa gugur jantung! p/s Bie, wish begitu sila simpan dalam rumah sebab bikin muntah darah. Titik.

Anyways, the big sis introduced a new thing to me. Three very talented female singers in a group called The Pipettes. Knowing me, who is a bit outdated slow with songs & singers bla bla bla...she sure didn't expect I'll get hooked with the group. But yeah, I have to admit I made such a surprise. Their songs found the right way to get straight to my heart. And win me over & over. Love their music, thanks mucho to Laura & the husband for this!

Before I stop, please enjoyed listening to the song below. One of my favourite. Of course, it's the lyric that got me impressed most of the time. But this time its their music! That make me wanna dance! Cucuk bintang, oh yeah.


4 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

be careful of what u wish for...happened to me =) InsyAllah Err..one sweet day

BibiErr Karim said...

The part enjoying the view together is it? Hmm...planting more of it now. Of course with some effort kan.

One sweet day! I have feeling I will be there, insya Allah. xx

Malicious Mind said...

macam di new zealand ja gambar tu. apalagi, plan la pergi holiday sana. harus tu

BibiErr Karim said...

NZ lambat lagi ni. Mau angan2 pigi Spain dluan. Kunun kecantikkan tgk Cordoba di tv.

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