26 November 2011

My Bingai Side Emerged!

Yesterday was truly one helluva evening for me. So much of excitement I turned into a bloody moron lady! Despise myself to the core for that! 

I went back earlier just to make sure I have enough rest before my movie session. Muka perlu berseri2 & segar bugar untuk bertemu chenta hati. I was lazing around in front of the lappy...busy downloading few Kdramas when suddenly brother text me & asked what is the time for our movie date. Told him it was a 0950 show...but I felt something not right and just to make clear, I searched for my purse. But it wasn't in my bag. I took out it's contents...ransacked every compartments. As if kecil sangat purse kau kan Bie. The moment I knew it wasn't there, I immediately recalled where I last put my purse. It was in my drawer...at the office! 

Yes, no guessing what did I do next. Lucky I have already took my bathe. So I rushed into the room, performed my MaghPra, get ready ala kadar...and zoomed to Tanjung Aru to fetch Nia. It took me nearly an hour & a half to reach cafe last night. Filled with tense & irritation with the congested traffic. All the way from TA to Sepanggar. Cramped kaki tekan pedal minyak & brek! 

Albeit the so-called obstacles, we reached Suria Sabah in one piece. While having dinner...I joked with Nia "Sekali wayang kita 850 kan By...trus kuyak lah". And once again, perasaan hati felt something not right. Took out the tixs from my purse...and voila!!! Stated clearly our movie date starts at 0915. Bloody 40minutes earlier than what I thought. Lagi sekali, mencuba jadi minah super! Sipping my super cold mocha ice blended in one go...and later suffered from a painful headache. Calmed myself down before I fainted; seriously sakit dia macam ada besi cucuk kepala!!! Mata pun berdenyut like it's going to pop out soon.
Gaya orang ndak sedar diri...posing sakan walhal movie was already about to start.
Darling cousin; Nia. Ni gara melayan perut tembolok dia lah kami melepak di U, Suria. Ngek---sesi blame orang lain harus selalu ada--

10minutes later, we were already at the cinema lobby. Left the other tickets at the counter to be claimed by the bro & his girlfriend. And my, they were like half an hour late for the movie. Yes, I am guilty as charged. Yet the guilty conscience didn't stay long because I chose to enjoyed my date with the Twilight clans. Super love the film although I was a bit frustrated with the scenes they cut off. 8minutes is just too much! And few scenes in the book yang aku rasa sangat sangat necessary pun telah di-exclude.

Hence, telah trigger diri ini untuk membuka novel itu kembali. Read it again...and kunun menghayati...then imagine how it would be if it's included in the film. Whatever it is, sekarang jiwa nangis darah waiting for the 2nd part which will be on screen next year. Wuuuuuhuuuuuu!!

p/s U make me smile; ear to ear. And for that, I thank u. Ngek.



Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

!Brain Freeze...nsb aku ada perna tetengok movie psl brain freeze dlm Shallow Hal nda silap..terus ku sentiasa berawas dlm minum minuman sejuk secara kelam kabut

BibiErr Karim said...

Mmg tu brain freeze. Selalu aku hati2 juga tapi tu mlm kelam kelibut trus jadi mcm tu ah. Hijau bah aku tgk lantai trus time tu. Hahaha.