18 November 2011

Sail Away You

Yesterday's gloomy mood is slowly vanishing itself away. Alhamdulillah. 

Thank You Allah for giving me the opportunity to undergo this test for I know without such trials & testing I would have led astray. Farther than before. I was being too preoccupied with the worldly affairs I forgot to fed the 'soul'. Left it dried & empty for quite too long I guess the soul got fed up. And decided to rebel mainly to attract my attention because I seem to not want to care of it's 'welfare' anymore. Oh yeah, speaking of a super vicious tuan badan. 

I am getting better now...crawling still but I know I will start walking again; and definitely back to running once the dark clouds have passed. Insya Allah. 

Someone called last night...trying to cheer me up; albeit not knowing completely the room I've locked myself into. Thanks sahabat! And as suggested, I am in the midst putting what I said last night into realization. Compiling thousand of pictures from so many discs is never gonna be an easy task I know but I am gonna do this, still. 

I love jalan2 makan angin so much & after so many dilly-dally I eventually made up my mind. That is to capture every memories & experiences I gained during my holiday/travels in this precious blog of mine. I might not have set foots on the grandest & coolest place(s) in the world...but each & every place I went to, have left so many sweet memories in me. And I don't see it's a crime to share them here, yes? 

Although the place is just in Sabah, I will still write about it. And of course, along with pictures! Few line of captions...and hopefully less mumblings. Ngek! For the time being, sedang busy sorting pictures. Harus asing ikut location(s) as the date isn't that important to take into account. Honestly, this thing exhilarates me to start asap. 

Oh by the way, aku kalau mau dreaming jalan2 makan angin...memang akan jadi stalker tetap my bestie ErnieKhairina. As she has been to so many places I have in my wish-list thus it is not surprising if I turn her into my 'tour guide' should I need any assistance or inquiries regarding the place(s) I plan to go. Fact that she's residing in the UK at the moment assuring me there's gonna be more places she will add in her blog at the "Going Places" tab. Al-Hambra is where she will be with her little family next. Andalusia sounds quite intriguing yet Egypt or Cambodia sound more attracting for me. Also Yogjakarta.

Ok fine, sedang imagine diri standing in the middle of the dessert surrounded by pyramids...wandering around The Killing Field muhasabah diri mengenai nasib mereka yang teraniaya dengan kejam...or standing before the magnificent temples & stupas; witnessing the magical view of sunrise/sunset from the temple of Borobudur. Phew...berangan itu free so mari join!

Links for the Bali trip with my bestgirl+boyfriends June last year are already up on the right side-bar. The easiest part so far sebab aku pernah gebang about the trip in the blog before. And as for the rest of the places I've been...ada lah aku gebang sikit2 tapi gambar hanya sedetik mata memandang. Tujuan utama kan untuk cuci mata sambil mengenang memori so harus add more photos baru boleh add link(s). Ara?

Ok, gotta make my move now. I have housechores to do before I departed to the airport...to send Ailin; not me flying this time. Booo hooooo!! Heading to Suria for a movie date later...ini baru woooooooot panjang.

Syukran Allah for this colorful feeling.

#1 p/s - Aima dear, nanti akan ku jawab tag kau ok. Mau cari dulu gambar yang diminta baru dapat ku buat tu semua. Ahaks....poyo perlu!

#2 p/s - The hero (Lee Dong Wook) in Scent of a Woman (KDrama) officially masuk list "lelaki ganteng" gue. Gila handsome bikin pening migraine terus. Every angle of him sangat sangat sangat pergh! Not to forget those stunning shaded eyes & sharp nose!!! And sexy shaped-reddish lips. Eermmmm aku tau, over!!
Epal baru gue.


4 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

mcm kena pembedahan plastik

Btw, apa drama dia pernah belakun ni?
mcm familiar...

last but not least, LESBIAN is not an issue here.....

BibiErr Karim said...

Siapa pembedahan plastik? Tumbuk mau?? See when I minat someone, I state it out CLEARLY kan. Ndak pernah lagi sy suka actor/actress secara senyap2. Kannnnnnn?

Erm, setakat yg sy suda tgk tu Scent of a Woman. Heartbreak Library. Arang. Dia model bah tu, maybe kali familiar skit. Hancem!

Lesbian as in tu movie date ka? LOL nnt itu mau diexplain next entry dong!

in THE name OF the WHO said...

mcm sa perna ba tingu 1 of his drama
eh, muvie sbb klu drama byk series
nnt la sa cek2 balik

BibiErr Karim said...

Bah klu jumpa, sila lah derma2 sma si Punti ah. Thanksssssssssss.

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