24 November 2011

Roller Coaster Ride

I am literally unsure of what song to sing right now...butterflies seem to cannot stop themselves from actively swimming inside the tummy. 

What happened recently tickled me most of the time. I couldn't recall how I ended up in this road. Filled with  bright colourful lights, dragonflies everywhere & all beautiful things along the path. Deep in me I pray these will stay...but I know putting too high a hope won't do me any good. Especially in matter as such. 

The mind constantly remind me of the consequences I will be facing if I act like how I acted before. Everytime they ended with disappointment, regrets & hatred. Through past experiences, I gained lessons. Too many have I collected along the way I shall be wise enough to handle this! 

Despite the hesitation & fear...I know I should cherish this journey to the utmost. For I don't know when the gloomy clouds will come & disrupt the tranquillity. Like what my sisters told me "Enjoy the ride while u still can for u will regret if u didn't." 

I raise my hands...and say my prayers to the Almighty. For this to stay if it's meant to be...and for this to end if it's actually bitter than what I've tasted before. Going with the flow is what I should do. But being me, I love to challenge myself to go against the current. BUT again...after a long pause & loads of thinking/evaluating/assessing I think I shall just let the challenge-me session to be implemented some other time. 

Because for the time being...I prefer to listen to my sisters. Enjoyed this roller-coaster ride before I reached the ground & asked to get down from the car. Ditto the woozy part though! Wachaaa!!!

p/s Jarak itu cuma pada bilangan nombor...auw, kembang tengkuk!


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