23 October 2011

Sunday sangat best!

Been avoiding the mall ever since I started the saving campaign for my future plan(s). And yeap, that includes the kahwin plan of course. No further question on that matter, thank you. 

But today is an exception. I have to bathe Fuchy because she hasn't been showered for more than 2 weeks already. Super dislike the way she looks with all the dust & dirts. Sungguh geli melihat imej ndak keperempuanan-nya. And so I purposely woke up few hours late than usual...headed to Tanjung Aru to fetch the not so little cousin whom I had earlier forced to meet up with me. It's been a while since I last saw her...yeah, kinda miss her actually hence the dictator mode switched on. Dipaksa jumpa gue!

We had brunch at our favourite cafe; TeaTime Express in WM while waiting Fuchy to finish her bathe. Bought our favourite tako as snacks di kala bosan. Headed to Suria Sabah after WM. Spent nearly an hour at Times...and decided to go home when I saw the not so little cousin who sat next to me; yawned endlessly. Tripping ngantuk padahal dia tu kaki tawaf mall. 
Please ignore the poyo pose. Nia captured this due to my instruction. Harus dengar cakap!

Planning to invade the beach in the evening went down to the drain when the black gloomy skies showed themselves on my way home. Hence we shifted plan...membongkang di rumah oh so blissfullness rasa itu!!

Ndak apa, insya Allah minggu depan akan ke pantai. 
So much of avoiding to shop and shop and shop...I came back home with these things in my bag. Worthy investment I shall say thus no regard of purchasing them. Sungguh! 


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3 hollered!:

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

hey!! aku pn mau avoid shopping aku beli barang less than RM10 sj KONON ended up aku habis beratus jg beli barang RM5 nda sedar ni bah wu wu wu

Ernie Khairina said...

london pocket map..oh ini hihi.
oh si Nia, sa ingat juga tu. Cantik nama dia

BibiErr Karim said...

@Aima: Hu Daiso ka ko? Aku klu p sna berangan xabis2, takut klu aku suda start mengisi basket tu. Sampai cashier pening aku.

@Ernie: Hihi teruja sy nmpk td. One last piece!!! Hihi 2x ko puji tu nama dia dlu.

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