22 October 2011

Mengenai Burpday(s) & RumahBertangga

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Someone(s) grew a year wiser today & yesterday. My utmost wish of bless life goes to numbers of dear people in my life. YOU! Yes...YOU! October babies!

It really take a long time to grow young, yes? I hope ur birthday gently breezes into ur life all the choices of things...all that ur heart hold onto. With Allah's will, amin!

On another note, Zai & I were at Papar today. Attending our darling friend; Kizzy's merisik-cum-engagement day. Albeit we missed the highlight moment of the day, we managed to come eventually. And only left her place after dusk. Sungguh ndak sedar diri melepak di rumah orang. But yeah, Kizzy's house is among the house I love to; shamelessly treat as my own. 
Moi with the brides to be
Read: Bride in plurality!

Zai will tie the knot with her high school boyfriend next month. Whilst Kizzy's turn is in Dec. Insya Allah...niat yang baik pasti Allah permudahkan jalan. Amin!
My lovely girlfriend of 16 years is someone's fiance already.
Mode: Perlu dramatik sedih poyo!!

Alhamdulillah, all went well during the majlis just now. Uber excited for her! Double triple YAY!! After so many obstacles & trials; the couple is one step closer to something perhaps; more promising. Marriage that is! I wish u all the best dear girlfriend in facing the test(s) from Allah. It will definitely not roses all the way but the scars & bruises are worth what u get in the end. Like u said; patience, tolerate & maturity. All elements needed to keep a relationship sturdier.

I was able to hold my tears when Kizzy showed me her E-ring just now for I could still digest the fact she's engaged already. Yet I can't help but to have quite a feeling of sadness when Zai handed me her wedding invitation card few days ago. Knowing I am the first person among the ladies who received it make me even sadder. Not that I feel sad of her getting married, ok? It's just this feeling I can't simply put into words; unexplainable. And I remembered last time right after Pijut's solemnization, teary moment did take place. Alhamdulillah it lasted for less than a minute. Gue adalah tukang gambar beliau so harus maintain comel mata ndak boleh macam panda!

Fakta: Adalah hiba melihat teman yang membesar bersama anda bakal meninggalkan zaman kanak2 riang. Tanggungjawab lebih besar terhadap keluarga selepas berkahwin, masa sukaria bersama teman harus dikurangkan. Itu gue understand lebih dari luarbiasa. Sekian.


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4 hollered!:

namronphotography said...

congrats to kizzy... ndapa err,klu smpi ketemu jodohmu... jgn lupa jemput aku jg ya! hee...
(sbb i hate nak tanya soalan femes 'ko bila lg?')

BibiErr Karim said...

Insya Allah, serah segala sama Yang Esa. Dia sebaik2 Pengurus pren.

Ernie Khairina said...

hmm yalah tu "meninggalkan zaman kanak2 riang" hehe

BibiErr Karim said...

Sebab nnt pas kahwin, kena panggil zaman mama2 riang. Hahaha.

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