25 October 2011

Chenta Hati

The cousins in Kolumpur lost their cat; Chibi yesterday. When Ezza text me telling Chibi is in coma state, I cried & I prayed she'll recover soon. But Allah knows well. The vet told Ezza; Chibi was too weak to fight the virus attack & her antibody had slowly lessen ever since she was infected. Poor her for having to be in the battle. She just gave birth to 3 adorable kittens 2 months back. And Pacik decided to send her to another house because they were afraid they might not be able to keep up with too many cats in the house. At her new house, Chibi started to ignore & refused to feed her children. In less than a month, all 3 kitties died. 

Not long after, Chibi refused to eat nor drink. She even isolated herself from the other cats. Whereas before she was such a playful cat. Angah decided to bring Chibi home after the cousins told her about Chibi's latest development. And so Chibi went back to Angah's. Once home, she was back to her previous character. Playful & mischievous. Yet that only lasted for merely 2 weeks. She slowly showed worrisome symptoms. Lack of appetite, less running & playing. So I told Ezza to try the traditional way. Feed her with the coconut milk. She recovered immediately. But that didn't last long either. She began to get very sick. She pee on her own coat, vomited phlegm. Her saliva turned thick as well. Ezza sent her to the vet & was given meds to stimulate Chibi's antibody. A week is given to monitor her development. Nothing changed, Chibi got worse even. 

Yesterday, she was too weak she has to be detained in the clinic. The vet said Chibi has less than a day or two to live. Hence I told Ezza to just let the vet put Chibi to sleep; for eternity. It is the one & only solution to not hurt her more. Euthanasia solution is the only way to make her rest in the most comfortable & stress free state. Chibi was in too much pain I don't think she will survive even if she woke up from the coma. Ezza followed my suggestion & so the vet injected the solution. And Chibi is finally in her deep sleep. Oh my God, tears falling as I typed this entry. I am still shocked upon knowing the news. Chibi's case reminded me of  beloved Chubby who left us in 2008. It took me nearly a month to accept the fact that he's gone. I mourned & I grieved; in an appropriate way. 

Ezza collected Chibi from the clinic late yesterday's evening. The vet asked whether they want the clinic to cremate or they want to take her remaining home. I suggested the latter. Chibi was safely buried near Angah's apartment area. She is in better place right now...together with her children. Alhamdulillah, no more pain for her. 

For some people who cannot understand the bond between human & pet(s)...please DO NOT judge us. Do not simply say something that could hurt us; the animal lover(s). Speak if u want, but please spit it out NOT in front of us. Say whatever u want behind our back...but NEVER let us hear! Because I DO NOT tolerate with such inhuman act. If u don't like anything associate to animal, then it's ur business. I don't mind & I don't care. So please, back off. When I said I am sad & grieving over the death of a cat...just let ur ears listen. And don't say words such as "Oh dear, it's only a cat. Chill lah." Because that brings more pain in the already aching heart. If u don't want to lend ur ears, then "Oh..sorry to hear that." is more than enough to make me feel better. Or, the least u could do is smile. 

Phew! Enough with the lepas geram session. I just hope people around me; specially close friends understand the deep sense of grief I am experiencing. They should be the one who comfort me rather than making me sadder. 

Honestly, I rather be ditched by the boyfriend than having to face the death of  my children. Only those pet owners will understand the pain we have to deal with; deep within. The heartache. And the strong & lasting sense of pain & grief. Sakit gilak. Sangat sangat sakit. 

Ok I think it's all for now. Nanti mengalir lagi balik airmata ni. Tuesday is my Pinky Day...hence any sorrow & sadness shall be neutralized. Insya Allah.
Pic of Chibi with her new-born babies. Thanks for the time You gave us Ya Allah...to play & take care of her. Alhamdulillah. Allah chose us to be with her; although for a limited time only. 


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5 hollered!:

ladyang said...

pets are family too...
only ppl like us yg betul2 paham whats the meaning of it...

Anonymous said...

Sedih aku baca.
Aku teringat Chibi.
Walaupun sekejapan ja dengan dia, aku syg dia.
Allah lagi menyayangi dia.
Alhamdulillah, dia tidak payah sudah mo rasa sakit seksa.


BibiErr Karim said...

@Yang: Kannn? Sedangkan klu diorg hilang pun kita mcm mati akal, ni kan pula diorg passed away.

@Ijan: Mestila ko terasa sbb ko yg jaga time dia sakit. Beby lagila terasa. Dahlah her 1st cat. Biarla, sedih tu akan kurang tapi ingatan to Chibi won't vanished till the end of time. Be strong. xx

in THE name OF the WHO said...

RIP chibi
jgn sedih2 lg ya...

BibiErr Karim said...

Chibi is in better place. Kazen sy si Baby tu yg kesian. Sebab dia yg amik Chibi dr jalan. Early in the morning, dia bangun & kasi bersih kubur si Chibi. I can truly feel the sadness she's going through right now.

TQ Grunge!

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