13 September 2011

Update yang Update

Woot. I am back to track! Though halfway but getting to spend my time by sweating myself is so much fun rather than sick-abed. 

I went to see the doctor this morning & as expected...I was bombarded with typical questions a doc would ask to someone who has fever & headache. And of course, dapat meds pun yang memang untuk sakit itu juga. Harus pasrah. Oh anyway, the doc advised me to stop taking oily food for the time being. Ask me NOT what the reason is because I won't bloody spill it here. 

Since I don't want to just stay at home doing nothing other than couching myself in front of the black screen...I drove off to cafe instead. And because I arrived at exactly lunch hour; cafe is already flooded with people. Bertugas membantu negara pekerja lain serta merta. Trip rajin kunun di sana padahal nafas sudah semput2...throat started to feel nauseous. But I refused not to surrender to the pains. Alhamdulillah, berjaya sekali.

Darling Kizzy dropped by at my place just now. Sending the kampong foods I craved for. I heart u lah babe! Although craving but the appetite didn't sync with me. Lidah ku terasa tawar sekali! Lantas disedekah segala hasil hantaran to Aunty & brother. In the end, gula2 Hacks hitam juga jadi ultimate meal gue.

Oh by the way, beloved SIL safely delivered her first baby last Saturday night. I am of late to shout the news out loud here due to my procrastination. Bravo moi! Elnathan Othniel Jozef is born on the 10th of September at 2348hours. 4 days after his daddy's birthday & 4 days before his Takii's *grandpa*. The first of the 3rd generation of the Ismail's clan. Wooohoo. Congrats to both parents; Ronn Jozef & Brenda Roger. And congrats to the family on the new born nephew & grandson! I am a proud Ummi! Oh yeahhhhhh.

Ummi with Elnathan & Mommy
The Ismail's little bundle of joy! Thank God for sending such fine soul to us. 


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