16 September 2011


Loading the blog page through si Asus took ages...thanks so much to Celcom for the great service. Ur 3g service goes on & off anytime it wants to. Same goes to the connection. But one minute late in paying the bil will immediately barred my line. Oh I so not know why do I still stick with u.

Hence I decided to go online through Mr. Sam instead. As much as I dislike the super sensitive & tedious keypad...I despise super lembab connection through the lappy more. Oh please be grateful with things u have in ur life Bie. Stop griping already.

Its 2am & in less than 5hours I shall force myself to wake up...get ready ala kadar to send bro to the airport. His long eid leaves have finally came to its end. Life is back to its previous state. Reality hit him a bit late than any of us. Bon voyage; from KK land...and Hello welcome home; from Mabul Island.

Starting from this morning, home is officially sunyi & sepi. No more temporary olfactory nasal damage due to the strong scent of his perfume that filled ever single space in the house. No more loud & over the top sound of the black screen at night. Because whenever he's home the tele would never had the chance to rest. Sian Encik Telebisyen. 

Anyways, I didn't planned to go out anywhere today although it's public holiday. I may be going to town to buy stuffs for the order(s) next week. And that's it. No shopping, no movie for the time being. 

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