1 September 2011

Lengan Gajah!

It's 2am & eyes are still wide awake. Did fully utilized my 2nd day of Shawal yesterday. After making dinner, I straightaway hit the sack. And woke up few hours later...feeling much fresher.

Started off our tour at Bukit Padang, then to Papar, later to Kimanis, next to Bongawan & finally Petagas. Stuffed my tummy like there's no tomorrow. And later psycho-ed diri sendiri upon reaching home. All thanks to sweet sarcastic comments I absorbed from cousins whom I met from the very 1st day of eidulfitri. I took the comments as an excitant to work harder & be firmer with my food consumption.

Insya Allah bakal berjaya just like what I achieved last year. It's all about efforts & confidence to stay put with the mission. Aja2 fightin Miss BibiErr.

Heading to Kota Belud early this morning. And if time permits, insya Allah will later stop by at Angah's house in Sepanggar. Ada amanah from Pacik & Angah need to be rendered to Yours Truly. Oh yeah, poyo itu harus.

I didn't invade anyone's house on the 1st of eid. Was at home the whole day; menjadi hostess for family makan2 session. I didn't invite my friends because I planned of organizing another OH for them. Since the middle brother is going back to Mabul next week, he invited his friends whom came later in the evening. Couldn't entertain them as I was in my sweet dreamland. I only slept few hours the night before; helping mother & Angah with the food preparation hence the sailing. Trip lebey gitu.

Anyways, I went to watch Conan; The Barbarian with the cousins later that night. And I gave that movie a 5/5 rating. Initial plan was to watch Final Destination 5 but it was already full house so we chose CTB instead. Kecewa di situ.

Alhamdulillah for I managed to restrain myself from visiting the cinema the whole Ramadhan this year. Niat gue tercapai & terlaksana, syukur. Juga sebab hanya berhutang 3 hari di bulan mulia itu. Wachaa!

Guess I shall stop here. Have to take a short nap; perlu recharge for another journey.


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