11 August 2011

Tetesan Darah uhuk uhuk

Mother's eldest sister came to my house yesterday's afternoon. She entered the house not long after I finished tidying up the mess I made at the kitchen. I completed making my seri muka & fruits jelly few minutes before she arrived. Motif untuk taip yang tu? Poyo!

Anyways, as I made my way to the living area...she laughed her heart out loud while sarcastically-joyously commented on my figure. Aduyai! Wahai aunty, betapa gumbira nya anda melihat gue berimej lemak berlapis2 ya.

Of so many things she could complain, did she really have to notice my expanding size? Just so u out there know, I pay great mind to comments that came from my family & very very close friends. I view them in a good way. Regardless how scathing or nasty they might sound sometime, I DO NOT feel offended but worried instead.

Because I know, these statements "U look bigger than I last saw u" or "Odoi apa kau makan sampai membesar gini" or "Hinombon nopo ko baino" or "Adei itu perut lengan kaki macam mau dekat saiz gajah sudah ah" or "Note the double coming to triple chin Bie"...is of great significance to me. It simply means I have to be more concern to what I eat & how I exercise. I gotta be smart in organizing myself as to maintain a healthy system.

I haven't dragged my lazy bum to the jogging track since Ramadhan came. And NO, I wasn't making the fasting as an excuse here. It was just me being lazy & yeah...slothful! I'm not sure if I were to jog back, could I run the distance I made previously. Mesti semput dada, kepala kurang O2 lagi ni nanti. That I 101% certain. No other way than to start whole over again. Running while counting the lamp posts to measure distance. Ndak pa, demi perut kempis...stamina tip top...lengan bukan gajah...dagu bukan double triple.

Gue sanggup redah semua. Insya Allah after Ramadhan akan resume aktiviti pelupusan cum pembunuhan lemak berlebihan.


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2 hollered!:

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

antara semua comment tu kaki gajah jg bikin sedih oo.. antara azam tahun ni mo kasi flat perut T.T tp mcm tertunda ja neh!!

BibiErr Karim said...

Kaki gajah...paha mcm belalai gajah kunun. Sabar jak lah kan sebab mmg tu hakikat pahit yg perlu ditelan.

Ko senang ba tu mengasi flat sbb bf masih kan.

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