20 August 2011

If Only

Izz Mohammad Aniki @ Jipun turned ONE YEAR OLD yesterday. Time really flies fast these days huh. It's just like yesterday beloved Lyn gave birth to that special chenta hati of mine. Feels like just yesterday Ijal called & requested me to tapau him gado2 from the cafe...because he has to stay with Lyn at the hospital that evening. He wouldn't want to leave Lyn alone hence he asked for my help to bring him the food. If I'm not mistaken...he was craving for it. Yes, the wife was the one whom is pregnant yet he's the one who has to bear the craving symptom(s). That's what we called fair game, right.

To Dear Jipun,
Kakak Bibie loves u so very much! Moga jadi anak soleh; cahaya both Ammi & Dadda di syurga nanti. Insya Allah.

Mother & I took a day off from the kedai today. We had iftar with Aunty at Center Point. Anyway, the thing I wanna share here is about the praying room (surau) they provide at the mall. It is tremendously disappointing! Indeed it is! Don't get me wrong, I wasn't being ungrateful with the facilities. Just that I am uber shocked upon realizing there isn't any difference of what they had 10 years back. Except for the air-cond & tiles, everything remain the same. Cukup syarat jak 2 perubahan tu aku tinguk. Macam orang selalu cakap; asal ada. I was sadden with the condition of the ablution area. *sigh* As if allocating the room at the parking area wasn't enough disgrace, huh?

Ntah mana hilang their sense of sensitivity...leader terang2 Muslim tapi nan ado action when it comes to matter as such. I don't know what else to say about this. Like, duh? As if my words will ever bring around anything. I never dream what I said will affect anyone...nor be bothered by whom-it-may-concern. Maal Hijrah is celebrated every year; siap ada cuti! Yet nothing has really resolved much. pfft

Can't say much here, nanti ada karang kena angkut naik lori biru tua. Nauzubillah. One thing I make du'a of right now is for Allah SWT to open the heart of the people responsible; to do something about it. At least, kebajikan rumah Allah itu kau protect & defend.


9 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

Ada eng movie tajuk If Only ni.
Kau pernah tengok?

BibiErr Karim said...

Xpernah tau ada tu movie. Trus digoogle ah. Anyway, siapakah ni. Pijut ka? Hihi.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

bukan utk menuduh sesiapa but myb the mgt is not from "u noe who", tats y dorg x ambil berat which is unfair dan insensitive
dorg hny mementingkan keuntungan w/out ambil kira basic necessities for all peoples x kira kaum dan agama...

Anonymous said...

Eza yang comel.
Aku taktau lak kita ade cousin nama Pijut LOL

BibiErr Karim said...

@H.G: Hence I said, the leader. Bukan before approved 1-1 building tu dorang akan tgk suma facilities lengkap or x ka? And it seems to me that surau is never listed under that category. Sedih. Mau untung sija. Janji building siap on time. Janji ada mall. Cukup.

@Ijan: Ko poyo lenkali letak la nama ngek. Sebab kwn aku kekadang dia jadi Ano juga.

Anonymous said...

Aku kan penuh misteri lol

BibiErr Karim said...

Mysterious mcm taik kucing kot.

Anonymous said...

Comel kan macam Chibi

BibiErr Karim said...

Chibi meow2 da kurus kot.

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