14 August 2011

First Trial...syukur berjaya.

To dearest friends of my mine. Mrs. Fatihah Mohamed; my ex-housemate & Mrs. Noraida Rahman; my ex-roomate. Both I've known during my undergrad years in UM. Lovely & kind hearted sisters they are to me. Regardless the distance that lies between us, we never failed to keep in touch. Although not frequently yet we're updated to each other's latest story(-ies).

May Allah SWT bless u; here & the world after. Glorious life ahead...and don't u think it's about time to add another 'diamond' in the family already? Hadiahkan aku more anak buah(s) dong. *giggle*

Just so u know, this was the reason why I kept myself in the silence vault the whole day yesterday. Bertapa dalam dapur rumah ku. Was pretty occupied with the whole process & I didn't feel like updating this site. Ok, poyo gaban di situ.

I challenge myself this year. That is to bake homemade cookies for eid. I know; madness attack! And please don't ask where did that ridiculous idea came from. Since I've told mother about that brilliant plan, I couldn't just withdraw it. Yes? Malu lah kan kalau tarik saat akhir. Harus nanti jadi bahan mockery that will only end until eid next year.

Wah akhirnya aku tau kupas nenas! Kau ada? Hemo hemo.

Because I don't have any cinnamon stick at home...I just used whatever I have in the kitchen. Ground cinnamon; better than nothing leii.

After nearly an hour battling with the spattering & stuffs. Finally my FIRST pineapple jam is ready! Bangga kembang hidung weii!!!

Alhamdulillah....alhamdulillah. I made it! My first enclosed pineapple tart ever!! Thanks to Wendy from wendyinkk for the yummy recipe. I jump joyously upon knowing I succeeded.

Terharu sama diri sendiri because I always thought I could never make this myself; ever. Not in a million years to come. But I proved myself wrong yesterday. I did everything from scratch. From making the jam to dough-ing to enclosing to baking & finally, packing. As I've promised Aunty to make for her as well...she came straight away this evening with 4 cookie jars! Empty!!

Oh yeah, the word 'later' failed to be registered in the family's system I guess. Specially when it comes to food. Everyone is always set to go. Aunty went back home with 2 loaded jars; each filled with pineapple tart & makmur. And I was left with zero tart & a jar of makmur that belongs to Laura. Phew, harus bertapa lagi sekali ndak lama ni.

Aunty said the texture is good. And they taste nice as well. Syukran 'pelanggan no money' aku satisfied with her so-called purchase. But Aunty said, albeit the tart tasted great she still isn't satisfied with the too little amount of jam I wrapped in the dough. Stingy; so she said. I'll add the amount for the next batch then.

Bagus ada komentar positif gitu...boleh maju setapak lebey jauh. Insya Allah.

My kudapan while watching Mr. AaronAziz on Astro Citra just now. He learned to speak my language for the drama titled; Akinabalu The Movie. But I prefer to believe he learned solely for me. *muntah darah* Yang Hanafi, sila terima kenyataan ok!

Ok cukup takat ni laporan gue. Till then.


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4 hollered!:

lydia1212 said...

yummy! i like pineapple tart :)

namronphotography said...

mintak tu tart nenas... my fevret kuih raya...

ladyang said...

apasal laaaa time aku kat kedai byk bebeno dia tunjuk cite si aaron tu...adoiii..
best tak dia ckp sabah bie?

p/s : abg syg saje nak bg ai rindu lama2 kann...kekekeke...

BibiErr Karim said...

@Lydia: Xtaula ni yummy ka x.

@Man: Hihi bole jg aku kasi tapi rasa dia xterjamin la ngam di tekak ko ka x.

@Yang: Hahahaha mlm la citer tu main aritu. Best giler dgr. Ala nama dia chenta kan, so sume dia buat aku approve. Siap ada tatu tipu2 plak dia dlm citer tu. Wakakakakak rindu la kita ngn dia sbb turn kat Nina skg. LOL

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