18 August 2011

I am well, syukur.


It's the 2nd half of Ramadhan. Another 2 weeks before Shawal shows itself. I don't know what to feel really. Question would I be able to meet Ramadhan in next year; keeps popping in my head. Frankly, I welcomed Ramadhan this year with a bit feeling of calmness. Rasa kehambaan tu melampau2. I can't put what I truly feel in words. It's just something I simply couldn't describe.

Cafe is closed from the first day of fasting. I've been stationed at the kedai ever since that. 2 more weeks before the one-month holiday ends & I have loads of things to settle before it reopen. Stocks order...the workers' work pass...yadda yadda. We'll do the cleaning 2 days before the semester starts. Insya Allah if all went well as planned; I'll be coming to the cafe earlier than before. I guess I shall be welcoming swollen & panda eyes soon. pfft!

Anyway, it's been raining here in Beverly since 3am. I woke up a bit late for my sahur. Lucky I have mother to wake me up. Another sahur-less fasting for me if she didn't.

Life been treating me well up to this day...nothing I shall ask more from Allah except for a healthy life & more barakah. Insya Allah.


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