16 July 2011

Uiii bondok leii!

Bliss Saturday it was. Spent half the day at 1 Borneo. I decided to redeemed the burpday gift voucher from PCStore. Bought a pair of straight-cut jeans & a very elegant blue pumps. Elegant sangat. I love the colour; looks high-priced despite how much it cost. And the jeans? One very comfy wear. I came to realise that every time I went out for jeans hunting I always ended up buying one from this store. I could literally say that apart from L^vs I am also an avid user of this brand. Frankly speaking, it's not the brand that I look at the most but the comfortableness. For me one that puffed my confidence whenever I wear them is the one worth buying. As long as the price is reasonable. And most importantly; affordable.

I also bought few baking tools today. Part of my preparation for the coming Ramadhan. And Grunge+Rio wedding reception next September. I was being requested to make 500 pieces of mini cupcakes for the reception at Rio's side. Grunge has bought the wrappers. My job is to bake & pack. No complicated decoration; just a plain simple chocolate mini cuppies. So she said. But I was thinking of chocolate drizzling as toppings. We'll see how things go later.

Right now, I have to mainly put my mind focus on the task Laura has appointed me to complete. It's a task that need to be executed only after she's back from her Perth holiday trip. Too big a responsibility she has put on my shoulders; I'll need to ask for Mel's help then.

Went to watch Harry Potter for the 2nd time just now with Mel, Laura, Maya & Ailin. We settled for the 9pm 2D show. I've promised to watch it with Mel because we did the 1st part of HP7 together. Do not be surprise with this quaint character of mine already...I can bear watching movie(s) worth watching several times. If it's through the lappy, I enjoyed rewinding & pausing scenes I like for only God knows how many times. Pastu terlalu gumbira sampai terkinja macam beruk dapat pisang. Same goes to reading book.

Lately, I've got tons of plans in my waiting list to be carried out. Phew poyo gila statement. Insya Allah, all in good times. Like friends always tell me; pelan2 kayuh.


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8 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

Nanti bondok kopiket LOL

BibiEr Karim said...

Kalau ini juga dikopiket ntah apa la pekdah...paham ke bondok tu apa wei.

Melo said...

kopi kucing? masi wujud kah? ok abaikan dia. like, get a life already, bilang.

hmmm what's that about, the big responsibility? hmmm. lol

BibiEr Karim said...

LOL dia happily tunjuk diri tu skg. Didn't u know dia mmg ada life sdh. Unlike us, single trang tang tang. So been said la.

Nnt sy reveal. Can't say in here sbb PNC knun kan. x

Anonymous said...

Patutlah aku pun bujang LOL
Tak lawak eh?

BibiEr Karim said...

Taklawak sgt leii. Ko tu bujang sebab belum ckup umur. Gatai!

Anonymous said...

Tapi aku dah 20++
Tak lawak jugak eh?

BibiEr Karim said...

20++ sgt! Tetap taklawak & takmatang.

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