19 July 2011

Children oh Anak

Had a chat with my not so beloved cousin soon after reaching home from work. She's the selenge version amongst the cousin sisters. In our every chat sessions...tons of issues/matters were covered. And for today session....

She forwarded me this link; Pusat Jagaan Kucing that truly break my heart! I cried upon seeing the pictures posted. And wept more when I read the whole post. The excuses given by the person in charge was so absurd & unprofessional. We're talking about living creature...EVEN if it's just cats!!! I wanted to swear so badly but I know that wouldn't change a thing nor will my words stop the cruelty because it has occurred. What happened in the past, stay in the past. What's more important now is to find a way to prevent it from occurring again.

I always pray to be given the opportunity by the Almighty so I could afford to build a house for stray cats out there. Although I know I would not be able to save them all yet at least I tried my best. I played my part. Ewah ewah!

For now, harus bersyukur. Allah SWT bagi peluang untuk jaga the 5 children at home. Itu amanah Dia that I voluntarily accept. Alhamdulillah, rezeki ndak pernah putus ever since I have them under my 'wings'. And yeah to friends who have befriended me for years; please BRUSH OFF old fact of the super cute Ailurophobes Bibie already. Ahaks.

Soon after I finished reading the post, I searched for my children. Hugged & kissed them. And squeezed tightly. I know they will never read this but I'll say this over & over again without getting bored..."Kakak shayang kamu semua!! Shayang banyak!!"

The children is 1 of Allah greatest gift to me. I am blessed with their presence. I am a better human being because of them. I couldn't imagine my life without them in the future. Bisa jantung koyak beribu. Sedang baru hilang kejap aku mencari macam orang hilang laki. And sila tahu, the pain lebih parah dari break off sama chenta hati ok.

Chombee. It all started with his mother; Bulat who came to our house in Putatan & eventually make it her home. And Chombee was the one who stole my heart in the first place.

Chomel. Mother brought her to our new house to accompany Chombee.

And terhasil si Cheeloh The Survivor. Sumbang mahram betul They initially had 4 children. Chichil went missing after few weeks he was born. Chumie joined him a year later. And Chubby died sometime in 2008 because of some viruses. Cheeloh got infected as well but alhamdulillah he survived till now.

Corridor was found at my previous workplace. I can't stand hearing her cried all day long I decided to bring her home. Sian terpisah sama si ibu kali.

And the youngest; Cafe. Found him at the cafe hence the name. The most playful among the children. Definitely my tail he is. When at home, he follows everywhere I go. Together with Cheeloh, they are my bedmates tegar.

Ok gotta pen off now. I've got piles of laundry to do...also dry clothes to fold. Wachaa!

p/s Kunun orang cakap penchenta kucing ni memang akan lambat naik pelamin. Ya ka? Sebab aku macam banyak kali jak naik pelamin sudah. Pelamin orang la tapi. Kau ada?


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8 hollered!:

mr_mrs mikko said...

ah yg p/s tu mcm nda btul sja bah..
ada jg yg bukan pncinta kucing blum naik plamin...

kuikuikui.. tp masi muda bah, jubli perak baru... ^_^

BibiEr Karim said...

Hahaha mmg xbtl ba tu cuma kebetulan. Ckp2 kawan yg pok minta aku pas tu anak2 sma dorang.

Ya ya masih muda. Jubli perak pun jauh lagi tu. Ngeh.

Anonymous said...

Ini link yang aku bagi LOLOLOL
Jahat otey orang pusat jagaan tu.
Sudah lama mati, tidak mo angkat sampai tu perempuan pergi lagi sana untuk kali ke2.
Tak lawak eh?
Dia bawak karung, penyodok, sapu semua.
Mo kasi bersih tu tempat.
Ada lagi rupanya orang mulia gitu.
Macam aku kan LOL

BibiEr Karim said...

Kan dia ckp yg jaga tu bercuti. Mcm bondok gila xda replacement kan. Bagus jgn buat pusat jagaan klu gitu gaya. Ate, teman hemo! Serius la dia berhati mulia. Smpi mcm tu dia syg sma kucen2. Kau ada? Lol

Macam ko ke? Ermm let me think byk kali dlu ye.

Anonymous said...

Err, I'm good LOL

BibiErr Karim said...

Taklawak & takdemakna.

FifieJay said...

OOO EMMMMMM JIIIIIII!!!!! (maki maki maki maki maki)


BibiErr Karim said...

Kin sakit hati kan Fie. Ok mari stay calm.

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