4 July 2011

Autobot; transform!

*clearing throat*

I bet u could certainly guess what u're going to digest by reading this entry. Just look at the attached pictures....yaww!

Truth to be told. I was never; I repeat NEVER a fan of any Transformers thingy. Be it the animated nor the film-line. Let alone the comic series. But I exclusively engaged myself with the toys! Because back then, there's this boy cousin of mine who lived next door...owned this whole collection of Transformers toy-line! Awesomeness to the max right. And yeah, I spent most of my time playing & transforming the toys. From cars into super amazing robots! Instead of playing with dolls & fancy wendy-houses I opted the robots.

And my fond towards the toys slowly disappeared as I grew up. Also when the family moved out. I no longer have a 'brother' who owned massive collection of toys. Robotic to be exact.

When the first installation of Transformers film series were released in 2007...I paid no attention to it. Zero! I don't even have the urge nor the itch to watch it. Not until cousin Ezza forced me to watch it. It happened sometime in 2009; just before the second installation was released. And boy was I wrong about the flick! Uber regret for not watching the first one. But like people say, there's always a first time for everything.

Watched this at home 2 years back. Thanks to Ezza for never giving up on promoting this flick to me. Not everything u dislike will stay in the list forever. Right??

The first sequel of Transformers that I watched at the cinema.

File:Transformers dark of the moon ver5.jpg
I can't believe I waited for this to be on screen. I never thought I would!


My sayang! Apart from the twins Autobots; Wheeler & Skid.

Dark of the Moon is the finale of the film-line as per Mr. Bay told the media. But we're not sure yet what the production has to say about it. I guess we just have to wait & see whether there's gonna be a sequel or not.

To end this, I would really love to know the designer/brand of Sam's sweetheart; Carly's black heels she wore in the recent Transformers installation. She fell down off high buildings...crashed...thrown against the pillars & whatnot yet the shoes remained intact! The heels? No fracture or damage. One helluva heels it was! Wonder if I could get a pair for myself. Guna untuk berjuang di cafe!

p/s: Grunge; thanks for the false spoiler! I can't help but to curse u during the movie. I was all ready to see him killed...darn u! Still, the old 'man' death broke my heart. He begged for his life; willing to be captive. But being the evil Shockwave is...he has no mercy to Autobots. Lucky I managed to hold my tears from falling more.


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6 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

Klu belakon mmg laba x rusak hell... try real life scene... rusak sd tu..ha3

BibiEr Karim said...

At least make it more realistic leii. Kalau dorg tunjuk patah ka apa, ok jg. Ni rimas sy tgk dia terjengket2 lari sma tu heels. Adeii.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

typo pula sa tu kan
itu pn mo drama ka
nda ba punti
jgn ko emo2 lagi a
hope everything went well...
life.. with it ups and down...
luv u muchos babe
(sorry, komen ini sepatutnya d post di atas tp alang2, sa tulis sini sjla..hahahah)

BibiEr Karim said...

Typo xpa asal sy paham ba. Mestila pasal heels mau drama sebab tu kira point jg bah. Mcm dlm tu Karak, bole2 dia kasi no ic gf dia ended with no. ganjil. Padahal no. ganjil utk male sija ba. LOL LOL

Love u too. Ya with its ups & downs...kasi kaler2 lg tu life kan. Thanks mucho darling. XXX

Mel said...

^_^ sya lambat tetingu ni transformer, tuesday bru tepigi. nyway sangat best ni movie! ada skit kritikan membina sya (hahah) tp overall, very the sioks!

sy pun mo komen tuk post di atas, lol. 'This too shall pass' :)

BibiEr Karim said...

Apa knun tu kritikan membina. Ada kawan sy tinguk & she said it's boring. Ada lagi yang cakap too much drama in this latest series. Lain orang lain views kan. As for me, mmg kesiokan lah. Specially part tu heels dia. LOL LOL

That has passed. Sy mmg sengaja xopen comment box for that entry. Still kamurang S mau komen jg kan. Wakakakak. xx

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