17 June 2011

Udah sampei kampung halaman!

*yawn yawn yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn*

Sleepy. Managed to hit the sack at 3am although I hopped on the bed few hours earlier. Like hello!!! I'm still in my holiday mood! Oh how I wish I could extend my holiday. In which, it also means more makan sessions. Ahaks. Just so u know, I've successfully gained 5kg during my 1 week holiday. Phew! Boleh2 aku pura2 terkejut upon seeing the number displayed on the scale. Oh yeah drama perlu.

Alhamdulillah; I arrived in one piece late yesterday evening . Despite the 2 hours flight delayed due to heavy pouring in KK; I AM BACK! To my beloved hometown & also work!! Ugh. Reality hit & I have yet to start swallow the fact that holiday is over.

Took the ERL Transit to KLIA from the new South Integrated Transport Terminal (SITT) at Bandar Tasik Selatan. Price-wise & time-wise.

This is how it looks like from the ERL station.

Bye2 traffic congestion & slow traffic movement. Pic taken on my way to UniMalaya last Wed's morning. I totally forgot I was in KL...yakin boleh departed a bit late from home. Served me right.

My visit to Kolumpur this time filled with meeting friends. But sedih juga for I didn't get to meet some close friends. Mengatur punya (pong-pang)2 tapi jumpanya nan ado. I guess TIME is best to be given as an excuse. I really hope I'll organize better in my next trip. Also, I succeeded in blocking the urge to shop. Yiihuu! Spent my moolah mostly on food & fuel & tolls. Obviously it's a lie if I said I didn't buy anything. Of course ada sesi membeli membelah but I didn't splurge much on shopping. Syukur for I stick with my words. I deliberately left my card at home. Particularly a reminder for me that I have limited cash in hands hence I shall be wise enough in spending them. Most 'precious' purchased were the cotton shawls & their hangers. I have this intention to change my appearance *wah*; I mean the scarf. Insya Allah; I will change the viscose shawl wearing to cotton slowly. Viscose is too thin a shawl for me. Ndak sesuai aku rasa. Kunun baru sekarang sedar diri kah?
Uber like the cotton shawl. Please just ignore the pose ok.

And I purposely put-off watching the below drama series during the holiday. Perlu tinguk lump sum. Let the 'jiwa kacau-sakit hati-loncatan katak-senyuman simpul' show up in one go. Last night, I've finished downloading all the episodes I'd missed. Ohoo itu among reason kenapa aku tidur lambat sebenarnya. Will resume watching after I complete my order tonight. Yes, u read that right. I received 3 cake orders while I was in my holiday. Orders to be pick up tomorrow. Adrenaline rushing up as I spell the word b.a.k.i.n.g. Poyo!

Searched for the novel; Kasih Yang Suci at mph MidVal the other day but to no avail. Lucky me for being surrounded with understanding & super kind friends, someone came to rescue. The novel has been found & will reach my doorstep by next week. Syukran teman!


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