23 June 2011


Oh please dong! Stop digging infos about me already. Stop asking my whereabouts. Stop looking for me whenever I'm not around. Please dong...that is sooo not cool!

Be man enough to stand before me & ask things urself. Rather than doing it behind my back & annoyed me big time. I'm not a monster alright. I won't bite nor eat u I promise. Although deep in my heart, rewarding u with a slap is what I so wanna do. Fret not leii, sah2 kau ndak kan makan penampar aku. Because I think with my head more than the heart towards thing as such.

I have to admit though...that there are times I sort of missed ur presence. Pandai mencari kalau kau tiada. But I left the task solely to my eyes. I chose to keep the searching task only to myself. Ehem...speaking of egoistic moi. I managed to hinder myself to go asking around about u. Nor I ever go to ur friends & start feeding them with Qs they might not be able to answer. Diorang langsung tiada jawapan kot. Aku pun tiada hati untuk berdepan mereka...apakah gila berperangai begitu.

How I wish I could walk away from this freely. How I wissssshhhhh!! With nothing left in my chest. But main point here is; aku pun belum berapa dapat mau left everything completely. Penyakit kan. Still wanting to hang myself on a wall that vaguely exist. Wahailah hati...apakah bengong gaban kau ni. Hemo hemo.

sigh sigh ya mengeluh banyak2; biar si Laknat kesukaan ketawa melompat2 monyet.


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