17 May 2011

Wesak Holiday

Joined the pre-wedding photoshoot of Grunge & Rio just now by Laura of Linawa Photography. We had the session at Karambunai in Sepanggar. Too much drama to cope with before we even begin the session. An hour wasted just to deal with the resort's ridiculous rules. I don't know why do they need to apply so many rules there. Only because it's a private resort? And the guard told us...they're making such regulations for the sake of keeping the privileges of their guests.

Adoyai, kalau macam tu baguslah pagar keliling resort sama kawat besi. And put the "Strictly for guest hotel ONLY" sign; up. I never know it is a crime to take pictures there. We didn't see any bloody signboard saying so. And as far as I'm concern, itu adalah beach yang open to public. Anyone boleh bermandi bermanda sana. Hmm...susah mau cakap. Hence, lets jamu mata. Lagi senang.

Camwhoring diri sendiri itu perlu. Sekian.

Our only protege so far...Tia's next in line.

Laura, the dedicated photographer on the left...and Mel; her assistant on the right. Or shall we address Mel as the Flasher Girl since she's the one who was in charge of the flash / speedlight. *lmao*

The bride & groom to be. September is just around the corner babe! We're beyond excited.

Walking hand by hand...together we face the obstacles life throws before us. Poyo perlu.

And baked this choc cake for a friend who's daughter turned 10 today. Messy decoration indeed. Oh Buttercream, I hope I will gain the skill to 'work' with u one day.

Wrapped up the session nearly dusk. And headed to mother's kedai for dinner right after. I have so much fun today. It's been almost a year since I last set my foot on any beaches. Yup u heard me right. Nearly a year. Being a beach lover that I am, it's hard to buy my words when I said today was my 1st time in this year at the beach. The last time I went was sometime Nov last year with my cousins.

sigh workloads did this to me; also the poyoness for sure. Kunun tripping as if u're 1 busy woman, right Miss Err? Oh please, stop before more people vomit. Tapi yang benar tetap kan benar dong...emangnya gue lagi busy ama kerjaan gue. Makanya nggak sempat deh untuk spend some quality time untuk diri sendiri. Lagi kok gue lazy untuk drive...capek dong kerja seharian. Sila understand ya. Makaseh.


3 hollered!:

Rinah said...

Makin cantik dah deco kek kamu..

in THE name OF the WHO said...


BibiEr Karim said...

@Rinah: Hihi thanks. Mau cuba lebey baik.

@Grunge: Adeiii cute ba tu nama.

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