11 May 2011

Ate...awok comey!

*Note: The wish should be conveyed yesterday but due to technical error, I could only post it today*

To my ever dearest Norizah Taraji Fauzi @ Kizzy Si Minta Puji.

May u live all the days of your life.

Jadi anak solehah, isteri mithali. Most importantly, taat sama perintah Nya. Ohhh ada lagi...kawan yang PEMURAH. Ehem rajin2 lah belanja kami choc indulgence lagi ah.


And back to me story, last Mon night I went out with Yam & Rad to watch the most-talked movie for 2011. Sila refer picture di bawah. Fine, aku memang poyo. Blog gue, jadi suka gue mau letak apa. Hemo hemo!
Fast & Furious 5: Rio Heist

When it's the most-talked...definitely because it's the best! So far! Packed with actions & gags as well. Aku ketawa terburai perut. Sila tahu ini hanya adage just to amplify the point. And I fall in lurve with the hunk named Paul Walker too; dalam movie ni ajer! I adore his deep meaningful eyes. When he looks at Mia Toretto, his eyes speak love for her. Auw aku mudah jatuh tangga chenta hanya kerana mata. Tergoda gila!

Siapa hati bisa tenteram bila mata itu merenung? Aku aku akuuuuuuuuu tidak bisa tenteram!!!!

Enough! Back from movie almost 1130pm...was all ready to hit the sack when the urge to bake hit my system. Boleh alasan itu aku guna? Hence, the White Chocolate Cake ala marble design terhasil. Also another batch of Choc Sheet Cake. Yang itu request 1 of my worker...she bought the ingredients & I baked it for her.

Cake turned out great...but it was a bit too sweet. Harus reduce the sugar next time. Harga gula kan naik...and aku ndak mau lah dapat diabetes pula nanti.
Choc ganache as topping for the choc sheet.

Attended a kenduri doa selamat at Kizzy's place last night. It was a 3-in-1 celebration. Mom & Kizzy's burpdays, Manja's 2months pregnancy & Kizzy's house warming. Penyibuks senantiasa ada...the YS ladies of course. Alas due to last minute invitation, Ell couldn't join us. Ok itu sila blame orang yang burpday.
Kami comey. Sekian.

Mami suap Kizzy...anak bertuah kan.
Friends since 1994. Love love love!! Meeting Rad *center* after nearly 12 years of not seeing each other. Thanks to facebook who make us just a click away.


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