19 April 2011

Pagi nyer!

After 2 months of deliberately neglecting one of my goal this year...for the first time after the tongol sayur pahit incident, I arrived early to work. Early as in reaaaaal early. I was at the cafe before the other workers arrived. Yay! Even Bungsu was surprised upon seeing my car parked.

Did I decided to resume my suspended goal? Or have I bind the bond I broke? My ladies know precisely why the goal was set in the very beginning. I include the 'early to work' list in my 2011 resolution solely over one ridiculous obvious reason. And as I already predicted...thing(s) I set because of absurd reason(s) will ended up being implemented only halfway. I stopped after nearly a month executing the goal. Speaking of Hot Chicken Dung Concept!

Anyway, reason I departed early from home today was to make sure I'll be the first person to reached the office! Accidentally left Mr. Sam on the table last night...I don't wanna lose him like what happened to my Nokia. Can't afford to purchase new one should I lose him too. Literally I was phone-less throughout last night. And I am still alive? *wink* Unable to whatsapp with Kakak Besar somehow brought the awkward aura. Mainly because we use the medium to keep in touch everyday. Apart from phone calls of course. Too many 'presentations & reports' needed to be submitted hence the daily update.

Alhamdulillah...Mr. Sam is still loyal to his cute owner *ehem*. When I opened the office just now, I saw him sitting idle on my desk & that brought massive relieved in my chest. Macam batu berat tu sudah diangkat & dibuang. Phewwwwwww.


2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

laki aku juga mr SAM bahhh...
kupikir kau ada affair dgn dia :P

BibiEr Karim said...

1 keja lak klu husband ko yg duk atas meja tu kan...hahaha.

Mampuih ada affair ngn laki org. Simpang malaikat! Ngan Lil Adam aku nak.

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