11 April 2011

Mengurus Itu & Ini

So yesterday I managed in sorting out my disorganized shawls. Also spring-cleaned the oh-so-dusty bedroom of mine. Finally, after so many "Later I do" promises to myself.

Took every single shawl off the hanger...

Sleep-able pink bed. *giggle* No more nightmares.

Upon seeing my bags...I seriously think I need to buy at least 1 decent blue-black bag. Those in my collections are rather dull & boring and old NOT vintage. Ungrateful!!!

Yippiee...I did it. Yesterday, I successfully shut my obsession off. That is to arrange the shawls according to colours. Perlu jadi less coordinated sometimes; only to make the life more colourful & meaningful.

I did laundry as well. And man, I need more hangers to hang these!! As u can see in the previous pic, I was left with less holes to accommodate my shawls.

And that hasn't include the 'tudung(s) anting2'. *sigh* It's wise to make an SOS call to Angah. I'll ask her to buy up at least 5...just in case I 'ter'-purchased more shawls in the future.

New members for the wardrobe. Tops I bought from a friend who runs a boutique online. Love every items she sells yet I have to be extra picky though. Because not all the tops she has I could fit in. And some are rather inappropriate for a jihab wearer like moi. Cuci mata & berangan pakai dalam mimpi boleh. Ahaks.

It's Bungsu's birthday yesterday. Hence I decided to treat myself him & the cousins. Padahal kau yang melantak ndak hengat kan Bie.

Mouth watering yam CHEESE!! cake from Strawberry Cake House. I looooove cheese & I super
like cakes they have in store. *burp*

Oh lupa...the movie below was my dinner last Thurs. Watched it together with Mel & Grunge at Suria, Sabah. Incomplete PPGs clan. It's been a while since we all get to be together. *sob sob sob* End of this month...I WILL make sure everyone attend the party.

By the way, we're gonna have our first cupcake session at Laura's place!! Oh yeah, bring the positive vibes like; NOW.

This movie makes me miss studying so damn much. Uhuk. Wink to Ms. Belle, nasihat lor gue udah ikutin. Insya Allah. Let's pray for the best ya.


6 hollered!:

namronphotography said...

bule buat kedai shawl sudah bie... btw,source code nda rugi tonton...

BibiEr Karim said...

Xbole buka sbb aku ada 1 jenis 1 helai jak. Hahaha.

isabelle said...

syabbash mere betti.
sebagai balasan, sila berkunjung ke rumah aku utk mengemas tudung2 & baju aku pulak.

i like ur bed!!!

BibiEr Karim said...

Wakakakakakakak aku rasa xjadi mengemas nye...end up aku main raksasa ngan lil Adam.

My bed kim salam. Dia tu tgh tgu tuan jantina lain. Hahaha. Gatai tak hengat!

Ernie Khairina said...


BibiEr Karim said...

Hahaha...datang angin rajin gia tu. Klu xda, berhamburan suma.

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