24 April 2011

It ain't April Fool

Someone in Kolumpur went to Bake With Yen* in Puchong yesterday afternoon...and bought whole loads of stuffs for our new project. Oh yeah, I've been talking endlessly about my passion in baking to some close friends for years already. Also the intention to start the baking project...but being procrastinator that I am; semua niat punah ke laut. Until recently, the urge to bake suddenly upsurge. And I can't longer put it on hold. Chewah kau...panjang lebar huraian hasil masih nan ado.

Some of the stuffs bought. More to come later. Will get all the basic stuffs ready before commencing the project. Poyo harus baru nampak semangkit!

But seriously, I hope this impulsive urge won't last halfway only. Pray for the project to work through ok. As to test the market...we'll be making the cake pops & cupcakes for the upcoming party this Saturday. It's Jess' baby shower lunch party. Another BS for us! Yay. Will be making another batch to send to the cafe. Literally I'm gambling my luck there. Insya Allah, all in good times.

Last night, Kakak Besar made this cupcake frosting for Easter Day. Without properly weighing the ingredients; not bad an outcomes I would say. Her cupcake turned out just great...perfect treat for the celebration. What's more when it's pink. Harus suka!



Someone is pregnant!!! Oh yeah oh yeah...!! And I am among the happiest person on earth upon be informed about the gleeful news.

Uber great aura that swept me off last Thurs...caused by the 'thing' above. Praise be to the Almighty. This shall be the ABSORBER to all miseries in the future. Alhamdulillah!!

I've seen the scan pic yesterday...and that has pumped my adrenaline to more higher level. Another 6+ most-anxious months before her/his arrival. Delirious & frantic! No words could explain how I feel entirely. Bless the mom...bless us all; Oh God.


7 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...


sa pn hyperventilating lps kena kc tau abt the good news..

BibiEr Karim said...

Itula...I cried! Org pun pelik tgk sy. Mula2 tgh sinduk makanan, trus stopped & paused & sat & cried. Xlah nangis darah ah.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

ko akan nangis darah bila tingu sunset saja.sekian


unexplainable o tu feeling.
Time dpt news yg unang and ubi, i oso feel the same...

i can't wait for my turn...

isabelle said...

wahhh..sapekah yg preggy itu?
kau jgn ngaku kau, bie

BibiEr Karim said...

@Grunge: Cilake awak! Hahaha mmg unexplainable tu feeling. I can't wait for ur turn too. And mine as well. LOL

@Belle: Wah kalau aku harus da lama aku kena balun tau. Hahaha.

kizzy tf said...

babe, kawin aku nti kau buatkan cupcakes aku ya. hantaran pya. wahaha
*smpi congrate utk kwn kau yg preggy itu ya. =)

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihi boleh jak babe. Harap2 menjadi la kan. And sila hurai lanjut perihal kahwin tu ah. Binsi aku tertanya2 sndr. Ok ok nnt aku sampaikan sama tuan punya pregnant test itu. Wooot!

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