4 February 2011

Bingung ketika dia bilang chenta?

*inhale exhale inhale exhale*

I was in my evening nap yesterday when 2 messages came in. From an unknown number it was. And being the usual me, haruslah curious mau tahu. So I called the number using my other number. Alkisah, prepaid ku sudah lama ndak berisi. Pusing sana, pusing sini, belit sana, belit sini...turned out the unknown number belongs to someone whom all this while I addressed as Mr. Jejaka Pemerhati @ Mr JP. He took few hours just to reveal who he is. Punya pemalu gaban...kin panas, kin jiwa, kin hantuk kepala di dinding. ugh.

And yes, we've been texting and calling each other since then. Up to this very minute. Habislah melambung bil aku. I remembered last time guna postpaid, bil aku selalu daki gunung tertinggi. Elaun every month kena deduct gara2 membayar hutang bil. I quit using postpaid line years back sebab ndak mau kasi kaya telco yang ada. This time I was forced because mother applied for the Celcom* Exec 5+1 plan. Sampai pengsan pun boleh sms/mms/call yang lagi 5 member dalam plan tu. Because I only have to pay RM30 monthly for the plan. Tapi kalau aku gatal call or sms other than the people in my plan...ranaplah impian aku untuk maintain bil as minimum as I can. So far the line has been barred twice because I exceeded the credit limit of RM100. Lucky aku set credit limit...kalau ndak, ada riban2 bil aku macam dulu. Just fyi, aku pernah daki bil nearly RM1.5k. Because I called the then boyfriend-now ex all the way from Kolumpur to KK...almost everyday.

Hmm...come to think of it, kalau plan 5+1 ni ada dari dulu sure aku ndak kan suffer bayar bil. Kuyak jiwa bila hulur duit sama cik di payment counter tu. Thank God zaman itu sudah berlalu. I've become wiser now. Well, I hope so. Janganlah galak membuang duit just for phone bill(s). Harus gantung diri kalau jadi lagi. Insya Allah. No crossing fingers or whatsoever...ini azam yang betul. Ahaks.

Ok, si malas sudah crawling dalam urat...sila jamu mata. It's been a while since I last shared my pictures here.

Si Princess @ Chomel

Si Gemuk Pemalas @ Cheeloh

Si Getek Pengurat @ Cafe

Apart from the children...I have other non-talking creature in the room as well. The non-breathing Butterfly! Ngeh~~~

The mask loves being the center of attraction...hence the position.

Love birds & few butterflies on the wall. Lucky it's only sticker. The wordings on the wall say:

"Life without love is like a tree without blossom & fruit"

True indeed?


3 hollered!:

namronphotography said...

yup.. like ur new theme... mine lum tukar smpi skrg... hahaha... adedei... sedang ingin berchenta ka pren?

in THE name OF the WHO said...

itu jak update ko psl mr JP

cerita more plsss!!!!!

BibiEr Karim said...

@Man: Yay, sila like byk kali gitu. Hahaha. Sedang ingin berchenta...on the way kali ah. Belum belum, kena kayuh pelan2 bah.

@Grunge: Woiiii sy mo update straight away tp u weren't available. Kan xda line sna kg mu itu.

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