21 February 2011

Alive & Kicking

Syukur alhamdulillah...I managed to get through today effortlessly. I smile all day long without even trying to fake my emotion state. Bless.

Close friends definitely know what was all that about. No; it's not any typical Monday blues as most of u would named it. Because I never let the blues mould my Monday. I've long left that stage.

As no serious damage occurred; I'm just going to monitor & may be ammending few stuffs in the 'system'. Precaution is vital. Period. Maintenance is taking place next. And I hereby officially declared that the 'door' will be close temporarily. Prohibited to anyone to enter. At least until everything's back to normal. And when the system is fully restore to welcome guest. For the time being, the sign 'under construction' is still hanging on the entrance door. Will take it off once it's ready. Insya Allah.

Anyways, I am excited to share pictures taken during my trip with mother recently. But read this; due to my excessive brilliance lately...I bloody forgot to pay my internet bill.*head bang on the wall* Because I don't like using the phone to upload pictures...I might have to wait for the internet to be accessible & will only update later. Uploading pictures through the phone will take years to complete. And I don't possess that type of patience at this very moment. Not interested to own though; erm buat masa ni.

I've become a silent reader to most of the blogs I used to left comments on. Couldn't post comment because this precious phone of mine doens't support certain functions in blogspot. Especially drop down menu to choose which profile to use for commenting. Bestie; Pijut has activated her blog once more. And this time with new url. I can't wait to view her blog through the lappy's monitor. Ndak puas view dari phone jak. Mau follow pun ndak boleh. Uhuk.

Cepatlah TM* processed my payment from the bank...alkisah sudah transferred from CimB* last Sun. Gue lagi nggak bisa nunggu ni.


5 hollered!:

Malicious Mind said...

hi err.. how r u? jgn lupa datang ahh sabtu ni.. aku akan pergi ke cafe mu di UMS lepas acara si ayman, the following weekend. orait ka?

isabelle said...

aku assume ko masih jd silent reader kat blog aku lah ye.

still the berry said...

kalau ko mo cepat kena activate ko punya line kan, after ko byr online, ko simpan reference number and then call the telco. bagitau yg ko sd buat payment n mo minta activate line ko.. perasan ka masa kita d umah zai, aku bertelefon d luar? time tu aku baru ja bayar online (guna wifi umah zai, haha!) then terus activated within 10-30mins.

BibiEr Karim said...

@Dana: I'm great. Thanks. Insya Allah akan mendaki rumah ko dis coming Sat. It's been ages kan. Nantikan gue ya.

@Belle: Oh I miss 'menggebangkan' diri ngan ko. Aku bukan takat SR blog ko, PT la. That is Pembaca Tegar.

@Pijut: Woot darl aku mangat komen tu ari skali choose profile, xda data kluar dr drop down menu. Hampa! No prob with the bill rupanya, teknikal jak. Hmmm mmg every month TM* bg aku headache psl connection. Tp bill xpena pula kena deduct gara2 tu prob. Mau untung!!!!

namronphotography said...

kol ja 100 dulu pren... repot tu prob... biasanya klu nda byr 2 bln bil tel br kena putung... sbg warga TM ni(ehem) aku terasa jgk tu walaupun bonus tiap tahun cuma 1bln ja... hahaha... anything inform aku ja,maybe ble tolong check probnya... ekekek..

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