13 January 2011

Jika kau fikir kau boleh...memang kau boleh.

First & foremost...

Dear my Kakak Besar a.k.a Laura Pamella Andrew-Graham

I’m wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,

And when your birthday’s done,
I hope you feel deep in your heart,

As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.

Thanks for always being there for me. Regardless
how ridiculous I could be in times.
Thanks for letting me be part of ur wonderful life.

Ok stop, I sounded like a lesbo already. It's not like everyday u got to hear what my heart says, no?

Big sister turns 21 plus 8 years please today. She's currently in Tawau; outstation. We're gonna crash her house tomorrow. Small makan2 with her family will be held. Harus lah kami mensibuk. We invited ourselves. And forced Laura to invite us as well. Oh yeah, muka harus ndak malu.

I made hamcoi ayam for dinner. Since she's too far away to come over, I'll just eat up everything on her behalf. Indeed, it's very sweet of me. Official celebration with the rest of the PPGs & Posers will be held end of Jan. It will be a combine birthday celebration for 2 of the Posers & the PPGs chief herself. Yay! I so can't wait for the bash. They have arranged the dinner & also things we're gonna do after that.

And oh, Sunday ni full moon baby Tia Kyla. I haven't meet her yet...boo hoo me! Kira2 bakal lebam lah tu anak this coming weekend. I am so gonna squash her! Bite her! Kiss her! Paling penting...make her cries. Harus!!! Suka dengar baby nangis...memang berpenyakitan.

On another note, I would like to extend my greatest trimas ama teman blogger Ms. B. Makaseh sudi hulur mata membaca text(s) gue...makaseh untuk kata2 pujangga nasihat itu. No worries babe, IF all went well I will definitely submit u the report straight away. Penumpangan rasa teruja & geletis adalah dialu2kan. Sila sila. Like what u wrote; quote as such is no more relevant in this millennium. Thanks for ur support. It's great to be able to share things with someone who can understand the ground u're standing.

Anyway, since I've decided to leave the game I currently played & rejoin the battle I'd left way back...dup dap jantung macam terlebey das. Adrenaline terlebey pam. Yet somehow I kind of relished everything at the moment. Slowly I picked up what I've subbed before...and stick them back together. I'm on my way reconstructing the demolished part of my spirit. Poyo, boleh? But seriously, aku pun ndak tahu mana aku kutip semangat waja nan poyo tu semua. Thought I've buried them deep enough already. Sekali muncul di kala kecemasan pula. Harus rasa mau terbang tinggi wei.

Segala keputusan biar Dia tentukan. I've tried my best. Kalau pun gagal, sila jangan devastated. It means what I strived for isn't the best for me. Or that I need to put extra effort in order to get what I want. Orang bilang, something yang kau dapat hasil titik peluh / usaha memang jauh lebih manis & berharga. Sangat setuju!


3 hollered!:

Nia said...

so sweet! ucapan utk big sister ya!

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isabelle said...

sweet lg ucapan utk miss B itu.


BibiEr Karim said...

@Nia: A'ah big sister. Sat gie dia baca benda alah ni, mmg kena kaw2 la.

@Belle: Yee suwit sgt. Ucapan je kottt, Ms. B sipi2 je suwit. Da masuk phase ashem. Lol

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