15 December 2010

Of jalan-jalan

Just for the record, I am still breathing Kolumpur's air. Plan to Penang has to be carry forward to next week because Angah didn't approve the most anticipated thing for our holiday; in the very last minute. Frustrated & devastated to the max. Nangis darah!

But I took the suggestion & swallowed it upon realizing the hikmah hidden beneath everything that happened. If I were to continue with the trip, I might end up gaining some weight & bloat the tummy extra forward. And that kinda look doesn't do good for me...specially when I have 2 important events to attend this weekend. Dot's solemnization on Saturday & reception on Sunday. I sure will regret my ever growing 'lust' for food. Oh yeah, I am worry as well. What if I overeat & turned out I couldn't fit the penyepit dress that was tailored according to my body measurement. Nightmare will it be! In which will haunt me for the rest of my life. Beh.

Anywoot, yesterday after some good rest at home...I went to Berjaya Times Sq. with the cousins in the evening. Just to kill the bored time. Yeah right, baru few hours arrived sudah kunun feel bored. Hampas!
Upon arrival. I is in jolly mood seeing all the Christmas decorations. Credit to the management for the simple yet attractive deco. It's different every year.
Did beg hunting as well. And brought home only 2 from the many choices thrown before me. Oh rambang mata...harus elak from buying excessive unnecessary stuffs. Didn't buy any baju because I still have tons of tops back home which I never wear at all. Yet I still bebel about not having appropriate outfit to wear to certain functions I was invited, right? It's a girl thing every men have to endure, no?
Pumps hunting but none attract my glittering sparkling eyes. Therefore, I didn't bring any of them home. Well, at least none as yet. 8 more days in Kolumpur, plenty of things could happened in between. Including, to unconsciously end up buying a pair or two of studded pumps.
We forced him to come along only to make him be our cameraman. Poyo habis. Siap bribe him with foods; thing he could never resist.
On the way back, traffic started to slow down. And became more congested as the clock strikes to 5pm & onwards.
Sky I love. Saw this somewhere in Jln Hang Tuah. Bliss formation.

Today after Zuhr, I'll be off to Jalan TAR. Need to buy scarfs for the events; ones that match both my dresses. I pray hard I won't lead astray to buying things other that I plan to purchase. A'ha, sila berhati tegar cik Err ya.


7 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

punya serius poyo muka tu shopping........

BibiEr Karim said...

Wei itu muka natural gue ok. Sila jgn buat2 mcm xtau.

isabelle said...

good luck la dlm mengeraskan hati utk x astray drp membeli brg lain.godaan kuat wooo

p/s: lawanyaaaa...
(i mean, the sky la.) hahaha

BibiEr Karim said...

Eee I berjaya, percayalah. *sila angguk* Sempat rembat 1 jeans je pun. And few super irresistible cute brooches. Tu je. Hahaha.

I buat2 xnmpk ayat dlm bracket tu. So yeah, thanks puji I lawa. Ha ambik ko.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

serius gila sampai tu muncung buli ikat reben

BibiEr Karim said...

Manadaaaaa. Dusyum!

in THE name OF the WHO said...

sa ada lebihan reben dr deco E-day sa hari tu.. nnt aku kirim kan kat mail box phase ko a..wakakakaka

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