17 November 2010

Uhuk...2 months plus engaged!

OK! Ain't need any exclamation here. I heard u; loud & clear.

I know it's been waaaaaaaaaaaay too long to talk about this momentous event. But don't u dare think that will stop me from updating. Beh tibenyer emo sendiri. Fine, mari mula menghapdate.

Grunge & Rio's E-day was held last August (21st) at Grunge's hometown; Ranau. It was the fasting month but I refuse giving such excus to her for not attending. Ain't put any mind about indulging the food because I was there to give her my so-called moral support.

Together with the ladies, we invaded Grunge's kampong. For more juicy story on that day, just click here. Thanks.

And now, it's time for the pictures to do all the talking. Cliche as it may sound...I prefer to let the pictures talk and aku menyelit taruk caption.

The make-up session began as soon as Laura finished her durian-breakfast.

Dedicated make-up artist. *clearing throat*

Imported hairstylist as well. Lucky Grunge.

The kepochi assistant camera-woman.

Grunge; all dressed up & ready.

One of my favorita.

The gifts from her side.

The penyepit(s); Memel & Jess.

Minah tangga.

They're officially engaged & blessed.

Prayed together for their long lasting happiness.

Before heading back to the town...group photo is a must for us.

To make it classic-ier & old school-er...Laura edited the original picture to B&W mode. I lurve it, indeed.

I have finally fulfilled my promised. No more broken promises or whatsoever. Specially to fellow friends who have been buzzing me about these pictures. I'll try to keep my promise next time...only that u have to bear with my procrastination being. That's the main factor which has been tagging me since forever. And eventually slacken my performance. Oh yeah.


6 hollered!:

lola said...

more pics ! hhe

isabelle said...

lmbt sikit xpe.
lain la kalo dia dah sempat kawin & beranak. itu melampau lmbt tu...

BibiEr Karim said...

Oit u'r the OP..upload in ur blog. Puhleaseee.

BibiEr Karim said...

@Belle: Oit mcmn boleh baca mind I? Hahaha skg otw edit gmbr pre-wed kawan yg dah pregnant 3months+. Kejam btl lmbt tu kan. Insya Allah akan upload b4 dia bersalin.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

and lola, mana gmbr birtday?
i tot u said u 1 2 uplod 2 nite b4..
thanks for this post munsiat pisang!!!

BibiEr Karim said...

No problemo Grunge-k. Bababah. Kotoh c Lala kena tagih janji masam2 manis dia. Tula jadi cili monyet lagi.

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