18 November 2010


Huah huah huahhhhh
*yang ini boleh tafsir either aku melalak serupa orang mati laki walau aku belum kahwin OR aku sedang ketawa gumbira suka hati*

Hit the sack around 3am this morning. Oh yeah, I didn't sleep the whole night. Sila letak all the blame on mother who initially told me to download the latest Zuma games. And thanks to my ever beloved reliable sister; Ezza whom suggested to me the search cum download engine. I is like utorrent* to bits. Semua aku cari are mostly searchable with it.

And so I managed to download Zuma *Revenge in less than 10 minutes. Read this, not only I got to download that game but also 3 other games. For free! I'm actually not a die hard online game.

Bukti kukuh: Orang sibuk sakan main farmville mafia wars etc etc via mukabuku...aku masih ndak terkesan & maintain cute macho dengan muka blur ndak ambil peduli ndak interested langsung. I rejected every invitation of the games...I even blocked the application from popping on my page. Perhaps, I'm not just a fan of games as such. Online games; so to say.

BUT, when it comes to games that I could download...aku harus excited lebih dari biasa. Not all downloadable games though. Aku still reject idea untuk main wedding bash, diner bash etc etc segala bash. What I lurve playing most is the hidden objects game. Itu game yang buat aku lupa keadaan semasa, lupa makan minum *TIPU sikit sebab aku main mesti bertemankan nescafe panas*, lupa buat kerja rumah, and worst; dragging masa solat. Alhamdulillah, Dia ndak tarik nyawa aku time tengah leka tu.

The tendency to hear mother nagged when I neglected the house chores...is amazingly very low. Because she herself is pretty occupied with games as well. Siok kan. Biar rumah macam kapal karam ndak berkemas berterabur sana sini...janji dapat menang at least 1 level. Alangkah bagus kalau my children know how to do chores...harus aku lenggang kangkung everyday. IF ONLY; sila berangan di lain masa cik Err.

The fuse to downloading more games.

The reason on why I prolonged the night. Mind challenging game it is. Berpinar juling mata searching for the hidden items. I still have 2 unplayed games in my hd...gonna download more tonight.

Pasni kalau agak2 fening headache mencucuk otak...mata bengkak resembling zombie; blame no one but urself cik Err. U know what happen if u lack of sleeps. Also when u face Asus' screen for too long. Whatever lah...asal dapat title highest scorer.

Gonna have a date with Potter this evening. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry is the place u'll find me. Sangat ndak sabar jumpa Potter dengan 3D glass itu...sangat cool sangat poyo.


2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

kirim hello kat harry ye.
ckp ngan dia.. kalo adam x boring, leh la bwk dating dgn dia.

BibiEr Karim said...

Harry says hello kembali. Jatuh chenta ngan Dobby; the elf. Adam akan bored kot sbb cerita kali ni agak details. Xsesuai for children. Kot. Ngeh~~

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