2 November 2010

PPGs vs Ys Ladies

Yo*yo evening for the PPGs yesterday. Jess couldn't make it this time due to her evening sickness. She's 6 weeks pregnant now...which means we're gonna have another baby shower party next year. Yay for that!

Discussing for the upcoming event. Ya right.
No...they don't sell cupcake. We got these delicious scrumptious little things from Boutique Cupcake. Few metres away from Yo*yo. We're not supposed to bring food from outside but Laura & Grunge had better idea to justify our wrongdoing...they sang Happy Birthday for me. How cool & tongol was that? Woot twice a year pula burpday beta. And the girl at the counter bought their lie...and we got to stay there until they're about to close.
Before Mel's arrival.
As always, discussion among us will only take 10-15minutes to finish. The remaining time spent with gossiping chit-chatting & laughing & taking pictures. Harus wei. And we were there until the store were about to close. We waited for the workers to switch off the lights...and only then will we lift our ass up & chow. Maaf crew Yo*yo Lintas kami memang begitu.

Despite the 'activities' in between the discussion...we managed to come out with a result. Everything's done...to the date; the venue; the menu; the gifts. Also list of the people invited as it's a private party. Everyone chips in for the gifts & as for the food; Laura appointed me as the person in charge. Mentang2 aku berdepan takanon everyday. Chom is coming as well; all the way from Singapore. Yay!

Today started off a little bit boring for me. Feeling of numbF embraced myself since early morning. Really I don't have the 'S.Y.G Salah Taip' kinda vibe to juice up my life. I've been trying to summon it to come but to no avail. Liat pula dia ni hari bah.

But I was in glum realm no more when Zai called. Luncheon date with the ladies whom I rarely met although we work in the same vicinity. The date was a real energy booster for me. Semangkit terus. Semua ndak kepuasan bercerita berkemaskini kerana masa sangat envy dengan kami.

Muka2 wanita yang ndak sedar diri lunch hour sudah lama berlalu. Mau kunun ikut my timing yang memang ndak wujud. Sian deh.


7 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

1. hey, u din mention yg kita selebrate birthday ko di yoyo?..wakakakakaakakak

2. Sa suka nama tu restoran yg kamu p lunch...wakakakakakaak

BibiEr Karim said...

1. Sudah update. Patut mcm kureng perencah caption tu gmbr cc kan.

2. I went there msa sy berbalas sms sma ko tu. U know yg sy ckp org berlarian sukan sea tu. LOL ngam timing kan.

isabelle said...

cant wait lah to read more about the baby shower soon.

BibiEr Karim said...

Baby shower yg 1st aku kena handle & attend. Can't wait as well. Rasa gmbr je berlambak nnt. Hihihi. x

in THE name OF the WHO said...


lola said...

a new tradition to last for generations xxx

p/s: mengapakah pic saya senantiasa kena sabotaj to look as if im always gossiping, beta sekadar pemerhati ok

BibiEr Karim said...

@Lora: Harus gitu.

p/s Manada sabotaj. Mmg sy slalu dpt snap muka ko right on time. Pemerhati xakan agkt2 tangan gitu ah.

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