13 November 2010

Mikap Evening with Maya

Upon entering my house last night...Maya went:

"Aunty Pis the cutest the most pretty...we're gonna do make up. And I want u to do for me, FIRST. And later I'll do everyone".

Of all people in the house, why me??? I'm the ONLY person at that moment who don't enjoy make-up do. Especially eye shadow. I'm fine with only my mascara & eye liner. Period. But that evening, she chose me to do her. Doom me to the greatest failure eventually.

I have to agree before she starts mumbling & sulking. "Ok anything for u Maya" although I don't tag well with make-up.

"Mommy...I don't like aunty Pis's choice of colors"....I think that's what the thought she keeps only to herself.

Maya in action. Selamat Mommy & Aunty Pis. We watched VD Ep09 in peace...thanks to the session which kept Maya pretty occupied.

Finished her session...it's time to watch the tv. Too bad I didn't subscribe any cartoon channels. Anyway, Maya found a new 'item' to entertain herself. A deco chair...in which later Maya claimed as hers.

She loves playing with 2 of my children; Cheeloh & Cafe. In catty's world, Maya's name is Sparkley. When she 'transforms' into a cat...she doesn't want to be called Maya. Have to call her by that name in order to make her listen to u. Oh Maya...u'r always the entertainer. Aunty Pis loves u with all her heart.

Ohhh the love goes the same way to my children. In the pic above, Cafe & Corridor.


4 hollered!:

BibiEr Karim said...


Ernie Khairina said...

astaga apaitu

Ernie Khairina said...

si maya comel

BibiEr Karim said...

@Ernie: I don't have any idea abt it either. Sy kasi approved sj mnatau ada org bole explain later. Hahaha. And yes, Maya sgt comel. Makin mikirayou jg.

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