5 November 2010


ugh rasa mau head banging on the wall. Kenapa gila ndak perasan plan Angah & cousin; Ezza to surprise me. Mother was the mediator for their plan. I was quite upset & mad upon knowing that none of the family in Kolumpur will be going back for the wedding. Oh yeah...macam kunun itu big day aku. But as the eldest grandchildren...I ain't need the cousin to tell me what to do. I sure know my role & will try my best to fulfill their wish.

While having breakfast at Gaya St with mother; she told me a friend of her from Sandakan asked a favor from her. That is to pick the friend at the airport because the person who promised to pick her didn't show up. Although I was reluctant at first...but I decided to just accompany mother to the airport. Waited for nearly an hour...kesabaran mula tercabar.

Happy face moi prior the surprise.

Suddenly the phone rang...si Gedik Ezza's name appeared on the screen. I was about to answer the phone when I heard a knock at the door. And TAAARAAA; Ezza standing outside the car right before my eyes. Angah jumped in the car from behind as well. Untung2 gue nggak punya kondisi jantung lemah...bisa aja gue terkena kejutan lantas mati. Wah drama! Despite feeling oh so 'tipah tertipuh'...I praise the Lord above for granting my wish. Alhamdulillah. At last, all of mother's siblings are here to celebrate the wedding together. Harus happy although not all the cousins are here.

Half day today spent hunting dress for the wedding. Skru lutut memang mau tercabut sudah. Serious penat letih lelah. Syukur...semua berjaya dapat suitable attire for tomorrow. Nasib berjalan diselang seli singgah untuk teh tarik session...dapat charge up energy. Ahaks.

We reached home nearly dusk. And since my most loyal movie companion; Ezza is here I decided to go for an evening movie date with her. Sila tahu when the cousin is around, tiresome is something I can easily put aside. We watched Takers. I was thinking to proceed with Unstoppable right after that but mother has warned us earlier...we gotta be home not later than 1am because we need to wake up early tomorrow. All of us will be attending the wedding mass...hence the early preparation.

Teh tarik session at Suria Sabah after picking Angah & Ezza from the airport.

Reunited with the selenge bingai favorite sister.


4 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

kasi besar jak bah itu gambar2..senang i nak usha =P

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihihi me is malu bah.

lola said...

ko pandai malu????

BibiEr Karim said...

Kurang asam ko sana.

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