10 October 2010

Wek wek macam itik


Icons above represent my current mood. Battling with Asus's super slow performance. I have upgrade it's RAM but nothing's change. In fact, it's getting slower while me on the other hand is getting draggier. I'm losing my mental stability bit by bit.

I couldn't give my 100% concentration on the editing job because of this thing. Annoyed. Totally am right now. I need PS & CD to run simultaneously but doing that cost me nearly 10minutes for 1 simple click to complete executing. Have to wait like forever to get one single edited picture saved.


Jiwa rusak segabannyer. Shall I bang the head on the wall? Or cari mangsa untuk digigit drain the blood out? I am officially chafed! Been trying to finish the editing task since my last entry...but failed. I was thinking to start with the layout tomorrow. And get everything done by next week. Ntah lah labu...not sure myself whether I can catch the deadline or not. If things get worse, I might ask for extra more days from Wid before handing over the outcome. I despise situation as such...it's like putting a knife in my brain, stab deep & twinge it. Until it bleeds & dry out.

I gave up an hour ago. Enough with the heartache. I'm gonna bring Asus to see the 'doctor' this Mon. And upgrade her int HD capacity; also her RAM. I seriously hope nothing will go faulty with her again; not after the whole burn in the pocket upgrading process. Maka bermula aktiviti merampok bank pasni. Aduh jiwa.

Nonetheless; I wanna make an especial toast to dear friends of mine; Nurizan & Aieyda on their 28th birthday today. Special date gitu. And both are proud mothers as well. Wish u both bless life...amin.

Sure lah ramai buat masjid hari ni...tukang gambar adalah meraih untung gila giler. Bukan takat durian runtuh, tapi pokok durian tumbang berbatang2.


4 hollered!:

ochs widdle said...

like the stress icons.
i can feel it!

BibiEr Karim said...

Berpeluh ketiak tunggu gmbr nak loading.


Ibu Akidd said...

wei tenkiu!!!! patut lah aku nampak byk link dari sabah baaaahhh!

BibiEr Karim said...

Hahahaha u'r welcome. Best giler dpt celebrate bday date mcm tu kan.

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