4 October 2010

Tolong ingatkan aku....

Perut dari tadi sudah nyanyi lagu Seindah Biasa. Wah gitu lagu mau best jak kan. Tapi nafsu makan belum mari. Alkisah, spirulina buat aku kenyeng. Jangan jak gastrik datang melawat. Harus pingsan di situ.

On the weekend, I ate like a freaking hungry monster. As if I haven't eaten for years. TIPU. I savored in the super yummy noodles soup at Fifie's & few of the dishes at Wid's. I cancelled the plan to go out yesterday's evening for I have some family issue to deal with. Family issue as in emergency stuff. Trip busy padahal nan ado. Poooorah.

Thing is, one of the twins cousin of mine has been admitted to the hospital. That cute 4 years old boy lost half of his middle finger while playing the game named Door Banging with his brothers. How dramatic tragic was that? Good news Positive side of it is we could now easily differentiate them. No more mentioning both names & waited them to say out their own name. Yay kepaluian kakak sepupu macam aku.

Mother & I were thinking to pay him a visit yesterday. But I willingly let tiredness controlled my mind I ended up sailing to dreamland soon after I got home from Wid's. And woke up nearly dusk. Harus lah kan ndak senonoh di situ. Didn't get to visit the little cousin...

also didn't get to join Ijal & the friends to watch the football match at Likas Stadium. Ijal told me about the plan last Monday...I was being more than intrigued to join them. Last time I went to a stadium to watch a football match was during high school. And that was like 11 years back. Oh my, I suddenly feel old. Drama!

Back then, I was more of a Selangor fan than my own state. Lupa diri yang sangat ketara. Just because the then-boyfriend played for the team, haruslah kena sokong Merah Kuning lambang kebanggaan...Selangor mencapai kejayaan. Tetiber semangat nak nyanyi pulak. And tumingan slang West. Woot. I vaguely remember the song though...pardon me if I got the lyrics wrong. But if u ask me which team I sided now, harus jawapan dia team yang menang. I dah lama lah tak amik port citer bola2 ni. *kepala dilempar selipar Jipun serta merta*

Ever since I left high school...football is not my thing anymore. Ketara kan dulu beria mau ambil tahu gara2 si buah hati...bukan sebab minat pung! Hampas. I am not mother whom has passion for football. And definitely not brother whom used to play for the state's under 18 team. Aku hanya bidadari dari kayangan yang turun ke bumi untuk mencemar duli.

Fine...aku ndak mau melalut macam orang hilang akal. There are tasks need to be done asap. Catch u guys later.


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