15 October 2010

Sekalinya diharungi

So last night, Laura & Grunge the 2 no-shyness ladies came over to my little crib for dinner. I tapau-ed soto from the cafe because I was too 'diligent' to make any meal. Except for the hamcoi ayam Grunge personally requested. See, memang ndak tahu malu kan. Mel's parents are in town so she couldn't join us. AGAIN. Same goes with Jess whom currently suffered from evening sickness every second. Ok maybe not every sec, aku menambah perisa cerita.

CPU's back to the office. Halfway done with my pending jobs. And gumbira giler sebab akhirnya perkataan online berdentang dentung di kepala. Ting ting ting.

I often left office a bit late these days unless I have things to do at home. Mainly because I wanna avoid the massive unforgivable traffic congestion at the government complex area. And sure as heaven, to avert myself from griping more. I tend to become extra 'excited' when I got stuck in a middle of a traffic jammed. Hence I opted to only depart from the cafe after peak hours. Selamat kaki dari menekan pedal brek-minyak nasiblah auto...also selamat dari tambah dosa.

Seriously, I just don't get it why I constantly whined...it's not gonna smooth the traffic nor it will make me reach home straight away. Guess the urge to whine is just something I can't simply resist. Choi ayat mensampah ada.

I opted to go back early on Fri night though. Mission is to reach home before MagPra. Reason being? Because it's Fri night. Like; perlukah jadi poyo gitu? Hmm ditto the bonus Q. Ahaks.

Ok let's move to sesi jamu mata. Idea keghing sudah.

Yesterday, to endure the traffic jammed at Bundusan...also to keep the mind sane, I 'coddled" myself with the oh-giler-sedap choc above. Oh my, I just couldn't believe how much it cost nowadays. As for as I remembered back in high school, aku selalu dapat gift coklat kerana aku adalah hantu. Like, perlukah announce kau tu dikasi coklat? Tettt. Anyways at that time, it cost less than Rm1! Sekarang? 2 bars = RM3.85. Ohoo gigit jiwa lah.

2 of my fav ladies who invaded the peaceful state of my home last night.

Also Laura's junior. Don't ask me why she was in the basket. Menurun kan tu perangai dari mommy dia.

And pictures of us at Tamu Gadang early this week. Credit to Grunge for the pictures.

With Aniki-san...yang semakin panjang, semakin membesar, semakin bikin girigitan, semakin bikin 'panas', semakin pemalu, semakin minta puji....and list goes on. Phew.

Even Lyn laughed right after I took this pic. Boleh jak anak kechil tu senyum dalam tidur...macam tau ah disnap gambar dia. Grrrrr gigit!


6 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

Welcome back!!!
And yes..Kinder buenos coklet Saaaaaaaaaaaaangat mahal!!
Kin panas....
like lala said, next time mkn lg d rumah ko since memel and jess teda...so, tidak kira yg kami p baru2 ni.. thanksss!

BibiEr Karim said...

I didn't know u'll miss my DQ. NOT.
Sangat mahal as in cekik darah tulang belulang kan.
Ehem, next time it's gonna be at ur house lei. Remember the not-too-bash bday plan? Apa cer? Ngeh~~

Malicious Mind said...

was at tamu gadang last week. teringat jugak sama ko punya kedai makan.. mana bah tu? mana tau aku singgah

BibiEr Karim said...

Mcm bidak suda TG ni. Dlu2 baru gempak dorang bilang. I toured the tamu for less than 30mins. Oo bkn kedai tapi open cafe kunun. It's behind the library. Mmg dr luar xnmpk. Bah nextime u're there, holla me. x

Mel said...

sy benci sy selalu melepas makan di rumah c pisang!! muahahaha.

BibiEr Karim said...

Since ko panggil sy Pisang juga...lepas ni no more invitation for u lah. Hahahaha sbb sy rasa weird. Apa ko beli utk kami from KL?

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