5 October 2010

Ohh lalalala~~

Dot confirmed to me the date this morning & I'll be flying off to my second 'hometown' this December for real. Gonna be there for 2 weeks. Attending my bestfriend's wedding also to spend the last week of her singlehood. Adalah akan berjimba bersama. Ruby will be joining as well since she has completed her training in Canada last week.

Wife to be; Dot with yours truly during my trip to Kolumpur last May.

I-City, Shah Alam. Dot brought me here...twas my 1st time too. Sayang ama kamu Shahidot.

Convocation week for UM*S. They held their annual tamu gadang at the Student Affair building's area. Dengar2 banyak gerai...including yang menjual shawl. Ugh harus abaikan niat tongol itu. Banyak lagi shawl di rumah yang belum dipakai. Ada nanti dikasi jadi sup oleh si ibu.

Thinking of going there with the PPGs. Mainly to cuci mata tinguk lelaki kiut biut & to feel the spirit of convocation just like the good old days. sigh 3 years has it been. Frankly speaking, I bloody miss studying. Insya Allah, will carry out the noble intention once I have settled everything. It was one of late aunty's wish too. To want me to accomplish my dream. I'm not sure myself; whether I can do it or not if I were to continue my study. Perhaps, encouragement & confidence are the keys I should have the most when the time comes. All in good times will it be...

Kens is sent back to the hospital yesterday...this time, it's the impairment of her radiator. Another hole in the pocket. New radiator cost hundreds of RM. Fortunate enough, the Pero-two people installed it FOC for us. Alhamdulillah.

Sept & Oct are indeed the months where I spent most of my salary also savings fixing her. There goes my dream that is to buy another phone this year end....into the green bin. Reward to myself for being the apple of my eyes a good girl. Wah keperasanan gitu. Pampering ourselves is the best way to convey the appreciation of it's good function to the body. I've got nothing to lose by doing so...yang untung pun tuan badan aperr. But I guess after the grand spending on Kens, that dream has to be put on hold. Next year maybe.

Weather has been extremely hot these past few days. Serius aku rasa macam dipanggang. Even the air-conditioner in the office couldn't surpass the weather outside. The heat practically burned my skin maliciously. ugh aku adalah rupa udang kerang dibakar. Bukan udang sebab kalau cakap gitu, itu tanda aku lupa kedaratan. Like hello...udang dibakar is an adage untuk orang kulit putih susu melepak. Aku? Jangan cakap melepak, addressing myself putih pun bisa buat orang sakit jantung tergolek dog pingsan dan2 tu juga. Nasib pingsan, kalau transit lama di hospital & the next day goal...apa cer? Fine, aku melalut once more.

Uuuuuuuhuuu by the way, I told Grunge that I wanna do something in my entry(s) after this. Nantikan kemunculan perubahan nan tongol itu ya. I bet u sure gonna like it to the core.

And I've just finish watching VD Season 2 Episode 4. Damn...1 thing why I despise drama series is the anxiousness & anxiety I'll be suffering from waiting the next episode to be aired. Catherine is the center of attraction in this episode. Oh my, I think my heartbeat sync with Stefan most of the time. I could feel how odd it pounds the moment Cat told him that she didn't compelled him to say what he said that night after the ball party. He said it simply because he was so much in love with her. Well it was all back then...it's the present that matters the most. Elena is the girlfriend now...Cat has to struggle real hard to get him back.

Enough with the recap...gotta make it as brief as possible, nanti kena duku kepala sia2 jak. Can't wait for Ep 5!!!!!!


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