21 October 2010

Imbalance hormone eventually throw it tolls on me. Darn it. Burning heat at the cafe makes me a bit uncomfy today. I'm prone to give vent to my anger. Fortunate enough the mind is functioning; pretty great. Juggling between holding up the flaming wrath & thinking straight. I no longer favor the idea to say everything inside my mind when I'm mad. Because I have learned; regret & guiltiness bring nothing to the mind but messiness.

Was trying my very best to shut the non-pleasing mood down since morning. Also the raging attitude. Praise be to The Almighty, towards afternoon I'm sane again. It's dreadful an attempt; to try to swallow the fury. And even to bury them deep down under. Exhausted, wore-off. But I made it & surely am proud of it. Syukran Allah for Your Mercy; Your Bestowment; Your Blessing.

Appetite's mounting, it was such pure zestfulness indulging on food. Had soto for breakfast; few dishes for lunch because I still refuse rice in my menu; 2 pieces of chicken drumstick ain't the ice cream ok & 1 set of peanut-choc flavored waffle for tea. Please ignore the amount of calories I've culled today. Was suppose to fill the tummy with extra big meal at Daia's place but due to my super adorable brilliancy, I had to cancelled the intention to join the ladies. Oh sungguh rugi!

And currently I am biting nails & jabbing heart waiting for
TVD Season 2 Ep 06 to finish downloading. It's aired on the CW* Tele Network tonight. Oh my please don't remind me of the fact that there's another 16 more episodes before the season ends. Woot sound like I just buzzed the fact myself. Feeding the eyes with clips in youtube has never satisfied me. I need more; like I always do. Can't stand the anticipation yet at the same time I can't bear missing to watch every episode. I thirst for more blood after watching. ugh psychopath! Get rid of moi asap; before the aura gets into ur system. Wah keperasanan.

Anyway this is for Daia, worry not dear...will try to make it up to u soon. setakat kau suruh belanja nasi ayam, itu gampang dong.

And Dayang...we're so gonna meet up this Dec. Harus gitu. Lunch/dinner will be on me; belated birthday treat from ur old *not by age; squeeze me* girlfriend.


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