21 October 2010

Burpday Wishes

First & foremost...birthday wishes for 2 friends whom are among the most significant ladies in my life.

Miss Dayang Noraziah Abang Yusop. All the best in the year to come. May ur days be filled with beautiful colors & sunshines. And may ur nights be companied with comforting dreams & wishes to come.

Wishing u everything happy in ur life my dear Miss Nurhidayah Abbas. Many more prosperous years & good health. Hope ur birthday will bring u an extra share of all that makes u happiest.

I heart u ladies. *cium muncung panjang*

Any woot yesterday's story...I had Hokkien Mee for breakfast at 11am. Few hours later, I was starving to death. That's it, pesta menjamu perut & mengumpul lemak commenced officially. Went out to Pero-two in the evening with si A. And headed straight to Mc'D Sulaman to feed the singing tummy. Drive-thru jak. Ohh tiba2 adalah amat ghindu sama 'life drive-thru' aku di Kolumpur.

Mc'D has always been my favourite. Double cheeseburger to be more precise. Ugh berliur terus aku. Dulu masa kerja part-time at one of their store, itu adalah menu harus for my break. Everyday. Lucky enough I didn't transform into a burger. Too much cheese & too much meat in the system back then...tapi berat nan ado naiknya. What's more with lemak. But now biar makan half burger, perut terus mengembang pesat.

Menu that polluted my tummy. Yummy!

p/s Daia...see u tonight. Yam & Ell couldn't make it. So 4 orang jak kita berayuan ah.


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